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Friday, September 10, 2010

Love Like Crazy.....

Happy Friday!  FWFD of the weeeeeeek!

I'm in a super fabo hyper active rockin' good mood!!!  Sweeet?  TOTALLY!!!

Here's something to carry you through your day.

Be a best friend,
tell the truth.
And over use I LOVE YOU.

Go to work,
do your best.
DON'T outsmart your common sense.

Never let your praying knees get lazy....
And, love like CRAZY...

"They told him, Boy, home computers will never take off.
He sold his one man band to Microsoft.
And, they paid like.... [CRAZY!]"

"Always treat your woman like a lady.
Never get to old to call her baby."

Well said, Lee.  Well said. :-)  Hope your Friday is a Be-Bop of Blossoms and Sunshine!!


1 comment:

Baseball Mom said...

I like this song. Never heard it before, but really like. <3

Happy FWFD!! You rock it!!