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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kid Conversations: Things I hear...

Today I shall share some tid-bits of conversations with the kids, one age seven and one age eight.

I'm hoping these will bring you to a chuckle. After all, laughter is contagious and that's a good viral to catch! ;-) [FYI, I think contagious should be spelled contageous but that's just me. It might be the accent thing.]

"Mama, can I play on your iPod?"
Me: "Sure, can I play on y'alls Laptop?" [Macxine is still on the fritz. The vehicular accident yesterday kept me from getting the part I needed to fix'er.]

"Mama, what's this? Is it a bomb?" [Lil'Gal going through my purse, with permission, looking for the iPod.]
Me: "[GASP] No."
"Is it a rocket?"
Me: "No." [You can guess what she found that had unwrapped itself somewhere in the bottom pit of my purse.] :-?

"Mama, you can see my poop now."
Me: "Thanks!" [Farmer, Jr. has had an ongoing tummy issue for over a month; we are going to see the pediatrician tomorrow. I've interrogated him about his 'poop' conditions/color/etc and requested to see one in a mother's effort to learn an appropriate assessment to share with the Doctor.]

"Mama, you missed my call twice. I left you a message on your cell phone. Please play it back and get back to me." [Lil'Gal often calls me from her Incredible's phone (from Sweet D and Uncle J) on my cell with her request/s.]

Me: playing message back
Lil'Gal's message: "Mama, will you please bring me a yogurt? I need a snack, thanx!"

Me (hollerin'):"Lil'Gal!!!!"
Me: "Those legs I grew for you in the womb? Whaddaya' think they are for? [pause] Besides, no snacks in your room." [That I know of.]
Lil'Gal: [That Mama knows of.]

Lil'Gal: [walks into kitchen, opens fridge, gets said go/yogurt, opens and eats while in full stride.] So, if it doesn't make it to the actual room, does that still count as 'breaking the rule'? *sigh* I pick my battles.

Happy Thursday! It's almost FWFD of the [squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...eeeee.eeee] Weeeeeeek!



Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oop! A new one! Just after I posted this.

"Mama!!?? Will you come and bring up Barbie[dot]com for me?"

Me: "You can do it."

Lil'Gal: "I don't know HOW to SPEEEELL it!"

Me:"Bring me paper; I will write it down."

Lil'Gal: "Hmpft!"

Me: [not caring. if it is important enough she will come, with paper in hand.]


Baseball Mom said...

"Is it a rocket?"

ROFL!! That is the best!!

Kids .. ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

BBMom, I think she was referring to 'bottle rockets' due to the encasing it resided in... I dunno'. Can't make this up! LOL!

Kristi Faith said...

Man are we going to miss those conversations!! They get me through the day sometimes.. LOL And after all the cuteness....the gogurt battle was won fair and Lil Gal :)