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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm a WINNER!! And, other stuff...

So, today is Thursday.  Actually, it is Thursday evening; almost FWFD of the week!  The evening is flowing along nicely (although, my Mama's list of today has several items pushed off for tomorrow -- which still might get pushed back further).

Anyhow, I'm a WINNER!!!  I popped over to Sondrae's Corner (a new and upcoming author) and she was hosting a giveaway for another author -- Rhonda Leah -- and I was able to choose one of three titles written by her.  [All of the romantic genre].

I chose, About Last Night.

(Steamy, HUH?)

Though her other two books looked pretty good too! [One Wilde Night; The Business of Sex] >;-)  (You can click to check out the covers and 'specs' yourself.)

So my e-book will be in my inbox very soon to be synced to my sweet Kindle!!  I have found a new venue of authors via those who e-pubish.  Remember, Lis was e-published at one time.  Ahhh, PRECIPICE...  She pulled it though (I'm hoping for later efforts to have published in print; I so miss Wes and Julia). ;-)

Currently, Lis is working on queries for her YA novel.  Soon to be picked up by a publisher (trust me, I know these is part of my optimistic wisdom!)

Anyhow, I digress.  I'm a WINNER!  BUT, Whoo-hoo and then there is other stuff.

Stuff like suckie social studies.  Farmer, Jr. has a test tomorrow and I have this low feeling he we are going to not do so well.  But, the optimist in me says, "Wish for the BEST and F@!K the rest..."  (Feel free to steal that from me, LOL)

Oh, I know what else is new!  ME!!

[Editors Note:  This picture has in now way been doctored or brushed to remove crows feet or the odd neck line.]

This pic was taken myself in indoor lighting.  But, still whoo-hoo! If I do say so myself. ;-)  It'd be prettier if I could hold some style.  Ten inches of rain = 24/7 humidity = hair soup.  Jiminy Crickets!

Anyhow, I finally went to the 'salon' and got my hair colored the correct way.  You know, by a specialist who won't accidentally turn you magenta and then a form of dark brown only to slowly be stripped to a sunlit orangie haze?  LOL!!

Naw, I do pretty good myself.  But, the body wave (which turned out to be not such a greatest idea -- what is it with my hair these days!!!????) stripped my personal color job and I must say I looked 'self colored' in the ways of trashy-trailer-do hair.

[Disclaimer:  This comment is in no way a judgement to anyone who lives in a trailer or manufactured home.  It is simply an American analogy from the prejudices of past American history.]

There is OH-SO-MUCH-MORE going on.  Tomorrow for instance, we have a funeral for a life long farmer, barely 10 years the senior to my husband.  Too young.  Too unexpected.  And, partly due to the too damned much of the damned rain.  Tomorrow we will, as a farming community in whole, morn his loss.  But, I hope that we will also take moments to celebrate his life and how fully he lived it.

With that I will say -- live in the moment.  Don't gripe about the litter box or the mud on the porch.  Those things just aren't worth wasting our time fretting and angering ourselves over.  Time is precious.  We only live one life; with no do-overs.

He was here one minute; and 15 minutes later he rests forever in Heaven.

In my thoughts, in my heart, in my prayers for your family; May the Lord bless you and keep you Mark.


1 comment:

Melissa said...

So sorry about your friend's death!

The tween has a reading, English, and social studies test today. I've felt like a drill sgt. this week: "Study! Study! Study!" We'll see what happens. I like your saying, by the way. ;-)

Oh, and I'll see if I can't revive Precipice one of these days when I have an agent. I appreciate your confidence in me!