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Thursday, September 30, 2010


YES, 'tis true.  FREE. CASH.

This is no sales pitch and this is based solely SOLEY on personal experience over the last six years.  And, I'm sharing simply because I think this program [Real Cash Back] would be beneficial to everyone.  In 2005, I signed up with CitiCard and this is my family budget card.  I put everything (mostly) that we do/spend on this card.  At the end of the month Hubby pays it off, in full.

So, I we never lose money to interest payments.  On a rare (extremely rare) occasion we might pay it a day late (out of town, etc).  In those cases have contacted the company and due to good payment and usage history, I have them drop that charge.  [It's BS anyhow, to penalize good customers so I don't allow it.]

Anyhow, I earn a percentage of my total purchases back in CASH.  Not, like Discover Card's whatever it is they consider paying back to the customer.  That never seemed to earn me a nickel for my dollar when I had one of those (oooooh, so many, many years ago in my 20s and party days).

Every couple of months I check my total earnings.  When it has reached $50.00 or more, I am eligible for a CHECK.  Written out directly to me and mailed to my happy mailbox.  I'd say I probably earn about $150.00 a year from this program.  And, remember, because we pay it off each month we never lose money to the interest rate.  [They do have an earnings cap; it might be $150 or $200 but who cares!]

Well, today I had a happy little email from Citicards in my inbox.  It said, that if I [a valued customer] enrolled (no fee) by the due date (early October) I'd receive 20% cash earnings on all purchases from now until January 2011.  I guess they are hoping to encourage people to spend more during the holidays under the guise that they will 'earn more back'.

Either way?  That adds up to a couple of pretty silver dollars in my pocket over the next 3 month quarter.

And, THAT!  Is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet cha-ching-ching change to my ears!

Anyhow, I am not sharing this for the bragging rights that I am a 'special/preferred' CC customer.  I am sharing this so you might look into it and earn some money back yourself/ves.

FYI, I do think they have some type of credit for balance transfers as well.  This really might be something you wanna' check out.  I wouldn't recommend any other card because of this reasoning alone.

[NOTE: This is for the Citi Dividend Card; they do have other card programs.  But the one I am under and referring to is the 'Dividend' program/card.]

Good luck!!


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