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Monday, October 18, 2010

Motorin' by...

So where are the days going?  I spent this morning paying bills (usually Hubby does this but I get the little one's that come in the mail now; he handles most online bill payments) and then signing up for, and printing entry applications for Farmer, Jr. to participate in 4-H and this year's livestock show.  (Okay, the show is in January but it follows with this season).

So, Farmer, Jr. is going to raise rabbits!  We have some good friends with three years under their belt and lots of experience and knowledge about this so I feel that Farmer, Jr. will be in good hands with this project.  Also, he is going to build a shop project with his Daddy (more to come on that and probably photo pics as it will be a working project), and also he'll enter a cookie or cake recipe.  [It'll be cake because I have a dead-on from scratch recipe that will have those judges drooling!] >;-D

Other than that, I've gotten no content published today for Triond.  THAT will be another post to bring y'all up to date on my latest writing/publication experience and venue and how it all works and why that Triond button is over to the right (ya' have to scroll down a little).

And, I am in the middle of washing Lil'Gal's sheets (again).  Accidents lately (even with the pull-up).  I don't think she has been fully following her vibrating watch schedule during the day -- though, all liquids are cut off shortly after dinner.  She did good for several days with no accident, even in her undies.  But, this last week to ten days I've changed her sheets every second and third day or so...

I haven't been on the treadmill since, when?  Friday for 30 minutes?  I'm totally feeling it too.  All slugish.  And, I'm behind all over again (two weeks in?) on my blog reads as well as keeping up with my friends and connections at Triond [kind of a support system].

And, here it is at 1:14 and I'm rushing to clean the kitchen floor and hide the laundry cart and jump on the treadmill.  I am so totally MOTORIN' around here.

And, with that, enjoy this song:



Anonymous said...

Love LOVE love this song!

Been away from blogs over the weekend. It always takes me a few days to catch up, and then it's suddenly the weekend all over again. *whew!*

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Me too! [The song; and the every thing else!] LOL!