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Friday, October 1, 2010

Farmer*s Wife Conversations

LAST NIGHT at Dinner:

Brain: "Hey FW?"

FW: "Yeah, Brain?"

Brain: "You know if you eat that whole bowl of buttery, smooth homemade mashed potatoes smothered in that chicken fried steak gravy it'll defeat the whole purpose of all that hard work on the treadmill."

Taste Buds: "Dude! Shut your brain waves! We want'em! We NEEEED them buttery, smooth, homemade mashed taters all smothered greasy, chicken fried steak gravy! Besides, stomach likes them too."

Stomach: "You know usually I do. But lately? I've been feeling pretty good since FW has cut back on all the heavy, fatty, sugar-filled carbs..."

Brain: "See. Told ya'."

Taste Buds: "Y'all suck pie."

FW: "Y'all fight it out about the potatoes. I'm gonna' pour a glass of wine."


THIS MORNING before Dawn:

[PHONE] brrrbrrbrrbrr [vibrating alarm]

Will Power: "Pssst! FW! That was your alarm! You were gonna' get up super early and we were gonna' rock the treadmill this morning, remember?"

Brain and Body in Unison: "Ain't gonna' happen."

Brain and Body quietly sing-songing in Unison: "Good night, sleep tight, go back to sleeping sweet Farmer*sWife..."

HAPPY FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  Super Squeeeeeee!!!



Melissa said...

LOL! My body has these same conversations on a daily basis.

kcinnova said...

My taste buds and yours, too!
If only we could get all of our parts to agree.