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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WIP! Just doin' my thing (writing style) :-D

So this morning, as usual, I'm just going about my day doing my thing.  Lil'Gal woke with flaming red eyes which later dissipated but after a confirmation trip to the eye doc -- she got put on drops.  Early catch so she can go back to school tomorrow non-contagious.  And, with antibiotic drop armor against anyone else who might be carrying an eye cootie.

[Bare with me here and drudge through this post to the end because, I'm going to give a little *sneak peak* excerpt (like all my cool writing/author friends do) from my WIP.  That being of one of the two scenes that presented themselves to me this morning.]  Squeeeeeee!!!

After the doc's office we do the Walmart and errand thing. Lil'Gal, happily chewing a piece of her new gum, was quite quiet on the trip home.  Thus, allowing Mama's thoughts to wander.  At one point a good song came on the radio, one I hadn't heard in a long time and could never catch the artist.

And with that, out of NO WHERE, a little scene hits me!  A scene for my WIP!  And, after I think that one through -- a second one to go with!!!  I'm like "YAY!"  Because this is where I've been stumped.  Where is MC going with all of this?  I've kept asking myself....  I mean, I know she's got issues but where does the remedy come in??

For those of you new here wondering what this is all about, you can check out THIS POST.

Anyhow, said WIP stays open in a back window on my Mac most of the time but other than a tinker here and there I've been too busy to sit down to it creatively.

[I must say, the lack of time and creativity can wittle away at my confidence sometimes when I sit there with nada new.  Sometimes even causing me to doubt myself slightly, thinking, "What if I'm just a make-believe-I-wanna-be-a-writer?"  I know.  FW doubt herself???   Rare. ;-P

So, I'm driving along listening to this new-to-me-again song and this scene pops in my head.  I don't even know exactly when it happens in the story yet because I haven't written ahead that far (still working out the break between Chapter Four and Chapter Five).  But, it told me where the story is going.

See, the story starts out harsh, with a lot of anger and frustration -- but, the new character (that just finally fully introduced himself to me and to my MC) outlined the second half of the story.  The part where things look up for my MC.  The part where she is finally able to tackle her demons (actually, her mother's demons) and I now feel satisfied that this story will come to fruition on a peaceful note.

THAT, makes FW very, very happy!

Oh, the scene.  Here is a little clip.  Still rusty as it has just been typed fresh from my head but I am too excited to worry about tweaks and perfection right now:

His one hand on the small of my back, he ran the other one up to the back of my neck, his fingers tangling in my hair as he pulled me tightly to him.  My cheek rested upon his shoulder as we stood there, frozen for several moments in complete silence. 

“I’ll never let you go.” He spoke into my hair.  “As long as you are with me…”  A hot tear streaked down my cheek as he whispered it again, to himself as much as to me, “I’ll never let you go.”  I believed him.

What do you think!!!!????  Please share!!!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering -- this is the song: