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Friday, October 29, 2010


Ya'll know how I feel about Candy.  And, thus why I have such disdain for a holiday devoted to -- Candy.

This afternoon we get home and have to go through the numerous goodie bags, gift bags, and candy prizes from school today and the Fall School Party.  [Oh, Joy].  Lil'Gal in an effort of keeping score (though, she doesn't realize she eats the most candy around here) wanted her candy in one bowl, safe and separate from Farmer, Jr.'s candy to be placed in a separate bowl.  Both bowls to reside at hands reach in the pantry.

"Nope.  All candy goes in one bowl", I say.  "WhhhhYYYYYYY????" Lil'Gal whines.  "Because I am not going to have my pantry taken over by bowls of candy."  [More whining.]  Me, "Either one bowl, or I can take all the candy and throw it away and have Daddy take it to the dumpster."

[Unhappy compliance] "OOOOKAY."

Lil'Gal accounts for all candy in bowl.  She leaves and I place it in the Pantry.  [Later] Lil'Gal appears with candy (eating it).  Me, "Didn't I tell you you have had enough candy today?  And, aren't you supposed to ask?"

Lil'Gal "But, I didn't have that much candy today.  I hardly had any and no snack."

Me, "Your teacher told me you had two cupcakes.  AND, you ate candy on the way home.  What else have you eaten?"  Lil'Gal exists frustrated.

Me, brainstorm.  I may not be able to lock the PANTRY but I can lock the 'lock cabinet' I had built in the pantry.  And, what do you know; it will hold a nice big bowl of candy.  >;-D  he, he, he, laughing mischievously.

[LATER]  Lil'Gal walks in pantry.  Lil'Gal exits pantry.  "Mama.  WHERE'd you hide the candy?"  [Arms crossed]

Me, "I locked it away."  Lil'Gal, [whiny] "WHyyyYYYYYY did you lock it awaaaaaAAAAAAY?"
Me, "What difference does it make, you are supposed to ask before you get candy."
Lil'Gal having a tantrum emerging.  [Me, trying not to laugh.]

"WhhhyyyYYYY do you have to lock up the candy.  Why, why, WHYYYYY?"  Going on further to herself while opening a healthy snack, "I wish life was better than this...  I WISH life was BETTER than THIS.  I wish Mama's wouldn't lock up the candy."

I WIN!!  :-D  But, now I have to hide the key!



kcinnova said...

We were allowed 2 pieces of candy per day when I was growing up. We each had our trick-or-treat bags on the counter (they snapped shut). Funny how some of us ran out of candy sooner than the others....
Of course, we used to claim that was because we gave all the icky stuff away...

I make the kids keep it in their bedrooms (out of sight, out of mind for Mom) BUT!! if I find wrappers on their floor, they are charged $0.25 per wrapper. Regular sweeps are conducted in an unannounced fashion.
This would not work for one as young as your daughter, but it works quite well for the middle school aged set.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

KC, this is an idea duly noted for a few years from now....

Like two hours later she was still extremely peeved that it was locked up. "I'm like, what's the big deal? You know you can't have anymore anyhow tonight."

>;-D he he he he! No more sneeeeeakin!

Melissa said...

Lil Gal sounds SO much like Bea! Her sweet tooth!!! We can't keep any sort of sweets or junk in the house because that's all she focuses on. I've heard nothing today (Halloween) except, "When's trick-or-treating? When can we go? When's it gonna get dark?" This is my least favorite day of the year. Grr!

Knight said...

I don't think I was ever candy crazy but when I was little they had to hide the peanut butter on the high shelf or they would find me hiding in a cubbord with my whole fist inside.

I thought of you today when my boss mentioned his son has a corn syrup allergy that doesn't make him ill but it turns one ear a little red and his behavior goes crazy. Like he turns into a mini monster. It took them years to figure out the trigger.