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Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's the bad, there's the crap. Then there's Wonderful.

I wrote this post last night and published about for or five minutes to midnight.  This morning I read it and I thought, 'this is not the message I intended to put out there.  No one wants to read all this cr@p.'

So, I pulled it and am publishing this post instead.

The point is, I could b!itch about A, B, and C.  I could p!$$ and moan about this and that.  But who wants to hear that?  Right?  Sure we need to vent sometimes, but not today.

Today is FRIDAY!  FWFD of the week!  Absolutely! The sun is shining, my kids are happy and learning in class at this moment.  I have friends coming over this afternoon.  There is gas in my vehicle, food in my fridge and my pantry is stocked.

We have clean clothes (though, yes they need folding) and the socks are sorted.  Oh, and the internet is up and running at full speed again (it was s-l-o-w slow this morning).

So, see?  Everything is wonderful!  I mean life has ups and downs.  But it is how we look at it that motivates our mood.  So, I'm hoping this little diddy will pick up your mood as well!

This is not the original video; as is sometimes the issue the actual video does not have embedding rights available.]

Happy Friday!!



Anonymous said...

FW, I read both (thanks to my feed reader which had the original)
And I get it.
Livin' the life! (And chasing away the last vestiges, I hope, of the virus that has been doggin' me for the past week)

Anonymous said...

Way to be positive!! I love your positive attitude, which you always seem to have on! It's really admirable, and I wish *I* could be that way.

Come over to my place, I've got a new post up!


Kristi Faith said...

Fabulous! :)