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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday's Sum-Up

Sunday's are Grand. They are the Lord's day. Although, there is a little controversy about the Saturday sabbath vs. Sunday sabbath. Father F. was expressing something about this at Easter Mass last week, but I missed it as I had to attend to an overly loud whispered argument among siblings. [Is it among for singular, and amongst for plural? I get mixed up]. Anyhooo. Luckily, I am Catholic. So we can attend Mass either day ;0) We can also partake of the spirits, sometimes even at our bar-b-que fund raisers because we acknowledge the fact that Jesus drank in the bible. In fact? They offer "real wine" at communion!!! I've tasted it and it's pretty good stuff! Not just the cheapie. But, I was the first one in line. Since then? Nope. Me no takie a drink of the Lord's blood till I get home where I can use my own glass -- clean from foreign saliva. I know the Lord understands. So, back to the bloggie at task. Sunday's Sum-up:
  • Breakfast was fantastic!!! Al Pastor taco, home-made corn tortilla, pico de gallo with lots of jalapeno, yucateca (burn your @$$) hot sauce, regular hot sauce, ranchero hot sauce. I was a very pleased Lil'Gal.
  • CCD -- I teach the youngest group. Two of which are my own children. Third week in a row? Their behavior.... um......SUCKS. Two weeks I have warned them that they would not receive the rath of me? But, the belt from Daddy. So...I fail to follow through because a Mamma' can't hardly stand the slap of the belt and the horrid screaming of a cry afterwards from the beings we bore.
  • Today? I warn and threaten. "If you don't SHAPE UP RIGHT NOW you are so totally getting the BELT from Daddy when we get home." They didn't shape up. Guess what? I tell Daddy. They cry the whole way home...."We don't want the beeee-eeelt. Pleeaaase?" We arrive home. Daddy sends them to their rooms and he descends upon them, belt in hand. "I" leave the house and walk outside...redemption day, and my heart will not rescue them cuz' my Bible says "they need it."
  • PLAY DATE!!!! Mrs. T and the kiddos came over. Kids had a grand time and a grand play date. Mrs. T and I did not get too much of a play date. We'll have to schedule a "kids in bed and asleep" movie night or something.
  • DH bought steaks yesterday!! Whoop!! Steaks for dinner tonight!!!
  • DH has a ship to fumigate tonight. Poop for him. DH calls, leaves...returns. Waits. Calls back -- leaves really late. He'll be home really, really late. (Me: It's payin for the steaks?)
  • T-Ball calls, finally -- yea!!! T-ball Mom says "Practice tomorrow at 5:30 pm" Gives me uniform details. (Me: Now unhappy because as I do require 24 hours notice before you invade my schedule -- school nights actually require 36, when I get done here? I have to go re-evaluate my week!)
  • Baby Li' Bro calls (I didn't answer because it was a number I didn't know) "Mom lost her phone..." I answer. Apparently, Mom lost her phone at the Wally world shop-o-mart last night. I pay the bill. [Freeeaakkk! Some worthless person (probably) has her phone and is racking up porn calls] Call Wally shop-o-world -- "duh, we don't know. What color is it?" Me "Did you find ANY PHONES AT ALLLLLL?" "duh...let me check" [wally shop-o-world craptastic on hold music......still......still......still.....] "....nothin's been turned in." Tomorrow I'll go to wally suck-ass-shop-o-world and find the phone smashed in the parking lot.
  • The Good: No prob putting a stop service on the phone (still required to make monthly payments and all as I am under shit sherlock Cell-Phone dude.)
  • Found a "what-I-think" is going to be a fantastic cake recipe for daughter's tea part and WAY easier than making actual pettit-fours. Whoop!
  • Oh, got the nail polish out of said daughter's hair. Only took about half a can of WD-40. 175 use of WD-40: removal of nail polish from hair. (174th was removal of glue board from brand new embroidered blue jeans).

Hmmm.... I think that sums it up. Tomorrow is "red shirt" day at school and I have to go fold the dark clothes to find the clean red shirts. It's 10:30 and my contacts are dry. I also have to re-evaluate my "tomorrow's" to do list.

Apparently, I have to add, "find smashed phone in wally-shop-o-world parking lot" and, "try to find t-ball cleats and pants at wally-shop-o-world" and, quite possibly, "go into REAL town and by sporting goods and new phone for Mom."

Then, I have to re-evaluate the dinner plan for the week as we will be having practice twice a week now. And, I haven't pre-made casseroles...and stuff.

Oh, I had a picture and a way better idea (well, kinda' better) for a blog -- but, too tired. Barely got here after I checked online to find out if our wally-shop-o-mart carries cleats. Our wally-shop-o-mart doesn't even show up on internet wally worlds page....hmmmm. Sporting goods store it is (after I locate the smashed phone).



Tink said...

They used her phone to rack up porn calls? Brutal!

Farmer*swife said...

tink they didin't actually rack up calls; I got it temporarily cancelled in time. That way my exaggeration of how I "freak out" about stuff when I first hear it, LOL! Thank the Lord though!

captain corky said...

I dropped my cell phone in a 5 gallon bucket of paint. I learned my lesson and now have insurance.

Weekends are way to short!

Knight said...

I grew up Catholic and always looked forward to drinking the real wine. I guess it didn't occur to me at the time that I was drinking the backwash of a couple hundred other people. Ewww! Drink your holy blood at home. That's definitely the way to go!

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering why so many people still fuss over sabbath. I mean I am Jewish and yes we have Shabbat on saturday, difference of religion. But yeah I would have cut my phone off like asap, also!!

No community wine for me! LOL


Anonymous said...

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