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Monday, June 2, 2008

With the good....comes the bad.

Hi Y'all. Stole a few minutes to drop an update to save me muchos telephone calls. That last post didn't show up until...well, I don't really know as my internet went down on me. In the meantime, my little Graduate has been hospitalized, had his appendix removed, and they still don't know the full out cause of his complete discomfort. PHEWP!!! On top of "Old Smokey?" Little Gal's runnin' a little "unknown" fever as well. She visited the MD this a.m. (after he made the hospital rounds and checked on my Graduate). MD says, maybe an ear ache....What? How? I'll do whatever you say, Doc. So, I just changed shifts with DH so I could drop in the casa, visit with Lil'Gal (she's feeling neglected), grab a shower and some stuff before heading back to the Hospital. I'll drop more info next time I'm around the home. Looks like my Graduate will be in the hospital another two nights or so. They are running some tests, pathology, etc., etc., to figure out the culprit of this ill, vain, morbidly, suckie BLEEEEPin' BLEEP of a pain. You can bet if I sleep/dream tonight? I'll be kicking the Devil's suckie @$$! Happy Monday and Happy Healthy!


Jay said...

Yikes! Hospitals suck. Hope they get to the bottom of this and get him back home where he can recover. You can't recover in a hospital, they won't let you sleep or eat decent foods. LOL

Krishna said...

I hope he is better soon. Sucks he had to have surgery--that is the scariest. Let me know if I can help!

Krishna said...

BTW, I've tagged you. Go check out my blog and join in the fun--when you have a sec!

Knight said...

Oh No! I hope everybody starts feeling better soon. Glad everything was diagnosed and is getting taken care of.

gr said...

NO! My goodness, prayers and thoughts to your family.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby boy! And poor princess, and poor mama and daddy!! I've done the hospital thing with 2 of mine, and it was NO. FUN.
Hang in there.