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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Childhood Flashbacks: "Spider Man"

So, I awoke this morning in a fantastic mood! Totally charged and encharged! [That Mantra thing really works; maybe I'll share the one I wrote about myself last night...but not today.]

Anyhow, along with this tune, "The HILLS are ALIVE with the sound of MUSIC..." Spiderman also crossed my mind. I don't know why. I just woke up. I'm getting dressed and primping. I'm making pigs in a blanket. Making Orange Juice. So, whose Spidey? It took me back to the time of black & white T.V.s.

Remember those? Sheeze, kids now days don't have a clue what we had to suffer in the 70s. LOL! Generally, they freak when they see a phone with a cord. "Is that an antique? What was the cord for? You know, you can't get very far with one of those... How do you TEXT?!" LOL!

Anyhoo. My mind scrolled through some of my favorite shows back as a kid. "Greatest American Hero," "Hardy Boys," "Simon & Simon," "Magnum P.I. (steamin' hot by the way, still is)," "Hawaii 5-O (Book-im' Danno!)," "Wonder-Woman." Yea, times were great back then.

Anyhow. I remember this one time, a Saturday morning. I was up early, as most young kids are. I guess I was between five and seven. Anyhow. We had this little Black and White T.V. What were those back then, nine inch screens? It was perfect for playing Atari on. I could play "Pac-Man" all night long and have more men saved up than I could ever play through.

Oops, again I digress. So, Spider Man comes on. And, it announces in narration and words in the title, "In Color." So, spider man went color but I have a black & white T.V. I sware to you....I promise on all I can offer to promise on....the show was in color.

Now, I realize this is absolutely impossible. Now, that I am an adult? I understand the whole bulb thingie they used to use back then. I realize this T.V. was not capable of color and did not have a color bulb.

So, I watch the show. And, then something else comes on -- in, Black & White. What happend to the color? I ask myself? Spider Man was in color. Mom wakes up. I share with her this extraordinary cool thing I have just experienced. She thinks I have an active imagination.

She passes me off with, "Enough Rochelle, (my middle name, used for those instances and those when I was apparently in trouble) the T.V. DID NOT SHOW SPIDER MAN IN COLOR!" End of story.

Well, to this very day. Knowing all that I know. And, having lived and learned....I still hold to the fact that "Spider Man IN COLOR" was indeed in color that particular Saturday morning.

A little reminder that there is always someone bigger looking out for me. That day, he blessed me with color.

You can probably also here, the "NEE-neee NEEE-neeee NEE-neee NEEEE-neee" of the Twi-light Zone going off in you head.

Eerie? Hmmmm.
Happy Tuesday, "IN COLOR!"



Knight said...

I believe you! I have a story like that too.

One time when I was little I was in the back seat of my dad's car with my brother. My dad was driving along and we were both holding an arm out of our windows to catch the wind. I accidentally let go of my sunglasses I had in my hand and felt so bad. Not like I lost something but I felt guilty for being irresponsible. What felt like a full few minutes later my brother turns to me from his window and says "Are these yours?" He was holding my glasses! He said they just flew right into his hand. We were so confused. It seemed like a miracle. I told my dad and he didn't believe it happened. We never did figure it out. I swear though, somehow I was spared my guilt that day.

Farmer*swife said...

So totally right, knight! I mean think about it. Sure the glasses could have been whipped around with the pull of the airflow around the back of the vehicle. would they fight the inertia, in the opposite direction and travel against it, into your brother's hand. Hmmmm?

I see you know what I'm talking about. [smiley-wink]

Anonymous said...

I remember watching our black'n'white TV back in the late 60's, and I also am convinced I saw some shows IN COLOR! Because they said so, of course.

Hardy Boys: while everyone else was in love with Shaun Cassidy, I fell for Parker Stevenson (proof that I never did go for the blonds) ...but this was well into the 70's and color televsion days for me. ;)

Today, I couldn't stop humming a lullaby. Uh, my baby is 8 years old, why do you ask?

*Lulaby, and good night
Go to sleep little baby*

Wait...where's your WWC this week?? Surely you have a little chaos and mystery happening there!

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, Chicken Biskets! You busted me, kcinnova! WWC [I've been flaking the last several weeks.]

Okay...I'll give it a shot. I'm sure I can find some chaos around here -- mystery? Hmmmmm.

I'll try to pop it in before midnight!!! ;-)

gr said...

Oh I know, Spidey was the best, it is true.
btw-Later today there will be, as you requested, movie clips of finishing and glazing plates, oh boy!

gr said...

(clips up! thanks for your suggestions--gr)