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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Summerin'!

Howdy Bloggies! Just poppin' in to drop a "How's it summerin'?" I'll be back later with THE SWIM LESSON and some other ramble blogging. Today, I'm off for some errands before we pick up Sweet D and get some grub lunch and then we have the kids "Scrapbook Class!" Yea, I tried this last time with two kiddos by myself? Chaos. So, this time I enlisted some help. Anyhoo, the kids are pumped. Also another contest requiring a Pet Layout. So, Lil'Gal and I spent a whole afternoon working on our entries. That took up all of what would have been my bloggie time. UH-OH! Lil'Gals glasses broke last night (serves me right for bein' cheap). Third time on this pair in the last couple of months. They already replaced the frames once under "warranty." Don't see myself getting so lucky again. So, now I'm off to spend a half tanks worth of grocery money fuel running all these extra places. Next post I'll tell ya' about Lil Gal's and my crush on her swim instructor. LOL!!!! She'll crack you up! Chattie with y'all later! Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I wanna scrapbook!!! lol

I am glad you are enjoying your summer with the kids!!

Blogging can wait! right? haha


gary rith said...

a pet layout? do we see examples later????

Farmer*swife said...

gr Totally! I didn't get a pic in time before it was turned in...but, as soon as I get it back I'll photo and bloggie! It was the Big Stick Eater and the Smaller Sugar Gal!

[Thought mine was a winner but there were some new submissions today and pretty cutie...of cats.]

The cutest one was a cutie cat layout that may very well take the TITLE!

[Pins & Needles]