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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WWC: belated, Chaos and Mystery

kcinnova kinda' guilted got me motivated to participate in WWC again, ;-)

She reminded me, that with kiddos there is always some chaos....and, the mystery that comes along with it in trying to figure it out. So, here's what I got in a clippity clop:

Here's Blue. He's our 150 lb (give or take) weimer. He's eating a stick. He likes to eat sticks. (Yes, I know it is actually a block of wood; he also eats large mesquite logs....he's a big dog). I will say that you'd think it be a little chaotic when the stick exited his body.... :-x

This is "Dulce." Her full name is "Cafe Dulce" because she's the color of (light) brown sugar. It's a mystery where she came from. She's a stray that popped in out of the field about a year and a half ago. She really wanted to be our dog. Somehow, she managed to find her way into our back yard; she pretended she belonged there.

Even DH finally fell for her. We were calling her "Precious" but DH wasn't crazy about that name. Thus "Dulce." It fits her better too. Around her neck she has a permanent scar from either a flea collar too tight or being tied up with a rope. Her life back then was probably very chaotic. Some people. Anyhow, she is the most loveable, gleefully, happy dog! And, she absolutely loves us.

Here is a mystery. "What's this?"

A wasted banana....grrrrrr, these things cost money and they aren't so cheap anymore.

Aaaaauagghghgg! Spilt milk!!!!! That mine as well be gasoline wasted on my [granite] counter top!!! I mean, it left me tempted to lick it up (not really....that'd be gross. But, that's probably 50 cents there.)

Oh, no! Look! More spilt on the floor! At least my smart little man new to clean it up (without being told).

So, there's my WWC for the week. Only two days late. This post is dated last night, but blogger was having a lot of trouble up loading my images so I blew it off and went to bed. Good thing. It took forever this morning too!

We are off to go swimming!!! The kids are ecstatic! It will be swim-differously, Water-tastic!!

Happy Thursday!


gr said...

Ha! What a DOG! Couldn't he lick up the milk and banana?

Farmer*swife said...

He could? But, he might eat the bar as well and the cabinets while he was at it (the wood thing, ya know!) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aww, look at your puppies! I agree with Gary, you should have the dogs lick up the milk. Maybe Dulce could do it? (Dulce de Leche is my FAVORITE flavor ice cream and coffee creamer!!)

When we lived in San Antonio, we couldn't leave anything out on the counters or floor, or there would be a parade of ANTS!!
I hate bugs.

Way to go, keeping up the WWC play! ;)

Jay said...

Did that dog eat the whole tree? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for my George Strait fix today! :)

Tink said...

My yard needs some trimming... Could I borrow your dog for a bit? ;)

Newt said...

Awww, it's the best when a puppy finds you. I am glad you played WWC. It was worth the wait!

Knight said...

I love that the dog just shows up one day and pretends they belong to you. I often want to do that to wealthy people. Just show up and pretend I belong in their home.

How does Blue eat sticks? Maybe if you put the banana on the stick nothing will be wasted and digestion will be a little easier.

Farmer*swife said...

Y'all so totally rock! I laughed out loud at your comments! Gosh, I have needed to laugh like that for days!

[relieving sigh] Thanks!

kccinova I have this Southern Living recipe for this four layer, chocolate cake, with cream cheese frosting and cheese cake bites layered in.

It's topped with "Dulce de tres leches" carmel (in the ice cream topping section) drizzled ALLLLLL OVER it!

It is mucho deliciosos!!!!!

gr said...

I thought my dog Buster was big at 113 pounds but 150???get a saddle! A Texas sized dog!!!!