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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home and Healthy...??

Thanks ya'll so much for the concern and supportive words. Please accept my apologies to those who would have prefered I called y'all totally are worth the call.

But, we all know when crisis comes, sometimes it's hard to make the call...cuz' (if we are lucky to have people who love us) it's not just one call.

That's why I bloggied. And, I'm so glad I did. I was able to catch most of y'all up and those who I didn't were probably caught up by those who were.

So, we are home. I am ex-haus-ted. I thought I slept, randomly. But, my eyes have been itching and crossing and leaving me with that dizzy feeling for about 36 hours now.

[I know, "What the He!! am I doing blogging at 9:30 at night?!? I'm dedicated and I want to let everyone know we are home.]

So. We don't know what caused it. DH is perturbed/disturbed that our son was cut on (three mini-incisions), the appendix appeared to be "un-inflamed," and we/the doctors still don't know what caused all this. Mind you, his major concern is that he feels like our son was "cut open" for no reason. I think he carries some guilt about that. My take on it?

My son feels better. Had it been his appendix (and ALL symptoms pointed directly in that way)?? He'd still be in hospitalization for a week...months? If the thing had ruptured and spewed it's vile toxins all over my son's abdominal cavity, he could even NOT be.

My son was in pain. Writhing, Agonizing, vigorous PAIN. He actually cried out to me multiple times, "Mama?! I think I'm dying!!!"

Once he recovered from the surgery and the fever broke and he started feeling better from the pain medication (morphine) and the anti-imflammatory meds (Toradol)...he told me, "Mama, Thank You for bringing me to the doctor...and Thank You for bringing me to the Hospital." He snuggled with me in his bed that night and smiled that silly, loving way he does. We watched a movie till he was ready to fall asleep. I stayed up two hours later than necessary, just to be know.

He did run a low grade fever at 4:00 a.m. I called the nurse. (Mommies always know first). He was walking and pee-ing and playing all basically without assistance today. Whoo-hooo!

They don't know what happened or why. They are running the toxicollogy on the appendix. They ran a sonogram (I was there, questioning and encouraging them to "check that" and "check that" and so forth.) DH is, unhappy? with this diagnosis. It was costly. It is frustrating that we have NO conclusive answer.

Possibly, they think? A virus. Could be an inflammation or infection of the gastro-intestinal region. Blood cell counts show some of this...but, medicine is a science, afterall.

What I know is. My son is home. He is happy and silly and joking and frustrating his sister. He is snuggly, honry, and, did I say Happy? He feels really good and is really agile, incisions and all....

Life vs. Death? Life, illness, random discomfort vs. the possibility of Death?

Life, comfort, relief, happiness....worth every penny.

Maybe Mason didn't need the Appy out. But, considering the symptoms, his pain, the odds, the education of the surgeons involved. I wouldn't take a single cent back. Who puts a cost or a dollar limit on the chance of loosing a loved one, a child. I'd give my own life for mine.

And, on that note. Little Gal is feeling fine. Though, she is very happy we are ALL home. And, she has requested a few times that I, "check her forhead cuz' she might feel warm.." [smiley-wink]. So, with the bad...comes the good.

Happy Tuesday and sweet sleepy dreams.....



Jay said...

I think when the doctors guess wrong and cut something out that didn't need to come out it should be a freebie.

Sometimes virus run through the body and you can't tell where they came from or why. Medicine might be science, but it's not 100% perfect.

Thank goodness he's home and feeling better now though.

captain corky said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better and at home!

When my son was born both he and my wife got sick and it was really scary. We were in the hospital for two weeks and I found that blogging about it was a very healthy way for me to deal with all the insane emotions that I was going through.

Scottifer said...

Glad to hear the kiddos are fine. Drew was concerned about Mason. I'm sure they'll have to talk bout it next time they visit. Give my N & N a bit hug from uncle scott.

Love ya'll.

gr said...

my goodness, the poor little guy!

Knight said...

It's so good to hear everyone is home, happy, and healthy! I understand why your DH was so frustrated because when they can't give you a firm answer on what happened you always wonder if it will happen again. You are the mom though and you can tell just by looking at him that he is better. I think it's especially tough with kids who maybe don't know their bodies as well yet and everything feels like your stomach hurts. It's hard to pinpoint where the symptoms really are.

Anonymous said...

poor guy!

Anonymous said...

Bless His Heart!! and yall's also!! I am glad he is feeling so much better!!

I hope is gets back to being 100%


Krishna said...

Poor guy. I dread ever having to go through something like this. Hope he feels better soon.