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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last week was the first week of our two week swimming lessons session. So, at this point we are now half way through.

Kids have loved it! And, they have done really well so far too! I love the pool where I take them because the kids pretty much end up with a one to three ratio of students to one swim coach, sometimes two. They do charge a little more here? But, the kids are basically getting a private lesson each day.

Lil'Gal had been looking forward to seeing her "sweet heart" of a coach from last year. Unfortunately, last year's coaches who had all graduated high school, were now off at college. Lil'Gal was quite let down when they were assigning coaches and there was no "Coach Stephen."

She had herself a crush on Coach Stephen. (I might add he was quite tan and handsome for a fresh high school graduate teaching swim lessons...Lil'Gal's got good taste ;-D)

Anyhow, Lil'Gal has finally learned to put her face down in the water and she so wanted to show "Coach Stephen" how far she had come. After all, last year? It wasn't until the last two days of swim lessons that she actually put her face underwater. And, that was ONLY for Coach Stephen.

Typically, she held him tightly around his neck, smiling all the while and he might once in awhile have gotten her to float, stroke, etc. But, never under water.

When the head coach, "Coach Bryant" called out her name she looked at me concerned. Then, I pointed him out to her. She gave him a once over.....a twice over, looked back at me and smiled. Apparently? He'll do.

(Can you blame her???)

He got her to do this.....

and this!

(She jumped in and actually submerged her head.)

and this!

Swimming and doing kicks and strokes with her face "submerged under the water!" YAY!!! Coach Bryant!!!!!
Farmer Jr. also had a nice instructor. She is what the southern guys around here would call, "A Tall Drink of Water!" LOL!

There were three boys in Farmer Jr.'s class...One more mild than mine, mine, and the third quite rambunctious and [almost overly] friendly. This was fine until the boy kept playing shark under water. Yes, he could swim already and even under water. And, he kept grabbing at my son's legs and trying to tickle him from underwater. Farmer Jr. expressed concern that seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The boy's mom was all chatty-chatty and not paying attention that:

1) this was the WRONG class for her son as he could already actually "swim" [which I later, kindly pointed out when the pool manager came out as I wanted the little wild, disruptive rug-rat to quit interupting the teacher and keep his hands to himself didn't want his mom wasting her money,]

2) he'd have something more interesting to do and learn as he had surpassed this swim level, and,

3) she was obviously oblivious to his annoying behavior that was disrupting the other two students in the class. [Hey, we two other Mom's paid good money too. Not fair for your child to distract them and the teacher the whole time.]

The next day said Mom commented [was serious?] that the boys needed to listen during swim lessons but that they could do a play date "after swim lessons." [GASP!] This was after I kindly mentioned to the boy [who was currently trying to play shark on land...] that Farmer Jr. told him he didn't like or want to be tickled or be grabbed in the water.

I guess she figure out that an after swim "play date" wasn't actually an option as I didn't acknowledge the comment. Not even a smirk. [She doesn't know what plans I have after swimming. Sheeze lady.]

I mean, seriously? I don't even know you. You are a stranger. I don't just let my kids play with anyone. "I" don't just "play" with anyone. I gotta' figure out who you are and what kind of influence your child might be. And, at this point I find him to be kind but ill-mannered and [a little annoying, am I bad? ]

So, look who's floating!

Hey, is that swimming? Okay, maybe dog paddling or treading water but his head is above sea level so that is all swell.

Goofin' off a little! What fun at the pool! Yea, so once they moved the other boy up? Jr. and mild boy learned a whole lot more. The teacher seemed quite relieved too ;-) [You're welcome, Coach Sofie!]

So all is well and we are on our way to next week! I took some great pics of the kids on the combine and the combine cutting grain, dumpin' on the buggy, etc. So, maybe tomorrow I'll throw those in too!

Happy Saturday Y'all!!!!


Jay said...

When I took swimming lessons I sat on the edge of the pool most of the summer and refused to get into the water. Then one day I decided that I had taken everything in and had it all figured out. So I jumped in and swam. The instructor freaked for a minute but then it was all good. haha

captain corky said...

Swimming is the new Play Station. Or something like that.

I've been in the pool more times with Max this year then I've been in 20 years. It's nice. And he got a certificate on the last day of his diaper dip classes.