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Friday, June 13, 2008

Life is too serious; I need a laugh...

So, summer has been nice. This morning? I especially enjoyed getting to lay in bed and just snuggle under my heavy quilt blanket. DH and son went on the crop tour. This is where all the farmers pile into several pick-up trucks and drive around (with a crop guide) to check out and observe the various "test plots" of varieties of seed planted and how these varieties are performing under this years weather conditions, various soils, etc. I'm sure my little T-man will be going as well (that's my nephew. He and Mason know the ins and outs of farming at their ages of 6 and 8). This will be a blast for them. Afterward, everyone is provided with lunch. So, back to the snuggling. Ever have a good day gone bad? That leaves you shaken and your mind plundering and rumbling like a dark cloud before a rain storm? Yea, I went to bed like that. I woke up like that, so I snuggled it all away for awhile to hide from my brain and my thoughts. A lot has been weighing on me (I know, I hide it well). Anyhow, "Little Gal" slept in. She's been doing that a lot lately. That's a big FAB-TAB-U-LOUS! Thank goodness for bloggie world. But, I haven't yet found that LOL, tear jerking funny that I need to unweigh my chest. I really need that today. I read Cynical Bastard, and he shared a fantastic dish to dine on...but, alas, no gut busting laugh. I'll pop in on Cinder-Single. She always leaves me Happy and Giddy with her joyful personality! I think tink is on a similar page as me except she not feeling so "4th of July-ish." I'm upset with the world, she's just upset with our country. I've popped in on a few others, but it is time to get on with my day (it is a work day, afterall, even though my job is my life). Anyhow. I'm exiting this post to decorate the birthday cake I am making for Lil'Gal's friend's birthday party tomorrow. This is the one that my friend is paying me to "doll/tinkerbell" it all up as she teaches full time and doesn't have time to be so crafty. Decorating the cake will definately uplift my spirits. Being Mrs. Cleaver/Martha Stewart-ish always calms me. Then, I get to scrap a Father's Day card and a pretty Thank You card. Then? I get to fold the laundry and the towels. Folding towels calms my spirit. When I finish my edible master piece I'll pop a picture in for y'all [too oohh, and ahhh, and inflate my ego...please inflate my ego :-) ] I'll also share the fairy tu-tu skirts I stiched on my sewing machine. In the meantime? Should you give me a read today? Please link me up to something really, REALLY, funny! Some vulgarity is allowed (not in my comments but in the link, LOL). I wanna' laugh out loud so hard that I cry and I snort! I wanna' fall off my computer stool, climb up, read it again and pee myself from laughing so hard. Yea, that is DEFINATELY what I need today. Happy Friday and have a "Snortfull-Pee your Pants" kinda' day!


Newt said...

Try Jo's blog:
She had a nightmare of sorts but she tells us about it in a really funny way. I did laugh out loud on this one.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks newt. I can't believe no one else popped in with some funnies :-(

tt said...

I just had to crack me up on Madman's blog. :) I'm usually in need of a chuckle or two so I'll pop in from time to time...if that's ok....Ha,,,like you're gonna stop me... :)-you sure have some cute wee ones!!

gr said...
Flight of the Conchords, 'Business time'!!!!! Oh yes, it is funny.

Knight said...

If you want a laugh I guarantee you this will do it. I don't even like babies but I still laugh.

Farmer*swife said...

thanks y'all! And tt, everyone knows I love me some visitors and I love me some comments!

knight the baby(ies) laughing U-Tube link was fab. My five year old made me watch about five of them and we smiled the whole time!