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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WWC, Front; Back...and Bleepin' Blogger!!!

Happy Summery Tuesday! WWC day, sponsored by her's truly, tink! This week's words were Front and Back! At first thought, I was ready to run with it from day one last Tuesday.

Then? I found it Sunday and I didn't have much....But, life and mother earth are grand so I reviewed what I had taken, in addition to my "experiment" and I don't feel so half asset about it.

After the pics I'll get into a gripe about Bleepin' Blogger... [It's free, so can't curse it too much though as I'm all addicted...and it's a free habit.]

Here we go on WWC (I have a lot):

Here is the sunset the other evening.

Yea, so I thought I was all creative and stuff with this great idea? Popped in to my BB's blog and she had done the SAME THING! (I think my sunglasses give a better glow though....and she captured her son where as I got the sun....get it?)

Those above are pictures from the back of my sunglasses.

Anyhow, I realized that I'd take all these great, fantastically, beautiful pictures of sunsets and when I viewed them on my camera they just didn't have the same definition. Apparently, life looks better through Maui Jems!

Check this one out...pretty, right? Here's what it really looked like to the lense of my camera and also unzoomed:

This is a picture from the front of my sunglasses.

So after all of this playing around I told myself, "Myself? That's IT! We are calling our friend's photo professional hubby [he has a photography bus.] and askin' if he can spare about 60 minutes to teach us Apperature and Shutter Speed stuff."

Myself agreed. I even called a couple of friends to join me. Photo Guy said sure! Yippeee!!!

Holy COW Batman!!! That's RAIN!!!!! Whoo-hooo cuz that cotton over there is pretty thirsty! This is the FRONT of the shower.

Wait? Where you goin? [The side of the shower...]

NOOOOO! Come this way! [Obviously, I couldn't get a pic of the BACK of the shower as it didn't cross over us. But, I did get these pics of the side of the shower as it went on it's merry shower way! Phewp!

FRONT of my mailbox, Hey? Maybe GW sent me something nice today!

BLEEP NO! Oh, the BACK of the mailbox.....checkless. Hmpf!

New rain gauge that adorns the new mailbox. Yep...still empty. Confirms the NO rain thing....

So, as I came back dissappointed that there wasn't any Government goody in the mail for me and the rain completely skipped us? I decided one of these might make me feel better...

Beer FRONT....Beer side........Beer BACK, Bottom's UP!!!! Ahhhhhh. Yeah, I feel better. Funny thing is? It took me forever to get the first pic (kinda' hard when the bottle keeps poppin itself into your mouth), but the other two were a random click and hit on the first take! LOL!

Anyhooooo. That's my FRONT and BACK for the WWC. On to the Blogger gripe.

So, the other post or two ago I made a comment about not gettin' comments. Come to find out? It isn't my imagination. It's getting weirder and wierder. I know, Blogger has eaten my comments to others multiple times....but, now Blogger has BANNED comments to my Krispe Kreme post.

Who knew Blogger liked Krispe Kreme?

I reposted and it offered comments again. But, later? Upon my return? Blogger wouldn't cooperate. So, if you want to comment...and that particular post doesn't allow it? Please comment to me elsewhere [alternate post] and I'll still get it.

Cuz' Farmer*swife needs me some comments!

Happy Tuesday!!!


Krishna said...

you are so needy! Yeah, i thought of you guys when I saw those storm clouds out there. Looks like another chance tomorrow. start your rain dancing!

Farmer*swife said...

NEEEDY? Me Gal? Well, it's easy not to be when you got your $$$ from GW and your purty new bad @$$ camera...and, your live-LEE-hood isn't invested in some dirt and roots! LOL!

Oh, you meant, comment beggin? Um, yeah...I guess I'm needy that way! ;-D

Chatty said...

Gee - no comments - I remember when that happened to me - it almost drove me crazy! I hope it was just a glitch and that things are back to normal now. Great sunset and rain shots - and the front and back of your mailbox was inspired. Love the beer - now I'm thirsty!

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, lookie? Now I have three!!! Yipeee for me! [I gotta' quit crackin' myself up this way!]

Uh-oh...have I resulted to commenting to myself? Hmmmmmm...

Good thing I don't have my laptop yet...I might actually bloggie back and forth, you know... Between ME and myself

I heart BLOGGIE!

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, I have FIVE! Thanks chatty!!!! :-D

Newt said...

Girl, You get the COOLEST WWC of the week award. LOVE the sun glasses shots. Actually all of them are REALLY good. The beer is totally cute too.

Jay said...

Not too long ago I tried to take some pics through my sunglasses and mine turned out crappy. But yours rock! I guess you are better at this than me! That's okay. I can live with that. ;-)

Tink said...

It's official. You ROCK. The second shot of the sky through your glasses is amazing. Seriously. You should submit it to some contest, preferably one that gives prizes of money. :)

gary rith said...

Hey, a photo of your wonderful self (behind a beer)! And dang, that cloud-sunglasses picture is something gorgeous. Very arty.

Knight said...

The sunset photos are so beautiful. Taking it through the glasses was really creative and pretty.
The beer photos had me laughing.

gary rith said...

btw--it is a little pricey up here, speaking of beers, but fairly local for you: I think it is Dixie brewing in NOLA make this thing called blackened voodoo lager, dee-licious!!!!!
oh, here's a link w/ info:

gary rith said...

hmmmm.....cannot WAIT to see what you post next....