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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Little Things...

Last night my daughter got upset with me (she's very emotional, like a teenager, I sware). She said, "Well, I can't wait until I get to be a GROWNUP!" My son who was exiting to retreive something ran back in and shouted to her with concern, "OH NO! Cuz' kids get to have WAY more FUN! We get to play, and drive stuff, and ride stuff!" I agreed with him, though, feeling somewhat slighted that he apparently sees adult life as not quite as fun.... ;-D My daughter has also given me the, "Well! Then, I'm not your daughter!" and then stomps off to her room with a "Humpf!" and a crossing of the arms. Usually, when she is upset about not getting her way. Pretty smart that she comes up with such a threat. I typically smirk to myself, though...knowing she'll be back in a few minutes to hug my neck dearly and smother my cheek with kisses and tell me how much she loves me and what a great Mommy I am. That's when I take the opportunity to remind her that I love her and I have to make the decisions that are best for her. I always remind my kids that they are blessings from God and that he entrusted me to raise them to be healthy, well rounded people. The other day, we were making our little walk to the mailbox and thus visiting and passing our little killdeer family's nest. As we walked slowly back on the opposite of the drive, Mrs. Killdeer stayed on her nest. She has come to recognize us well enough, that even though she gives us a distress peep -- she feels comfortable enough to stay upon the eggs. My son (six years old, remember) says to me, "That's because she knows we aren't trying to 'antagonize her'." To which I responded, "Wow! Really great use of that word!" SON: "I know. I'm getting smarter. My friend says I'm really smart because I know A LOT about combines." Which reminds me of last summer during swim lessons. My son was "educating" his swim coach about farming and the fact that all the rain we had been receiving was making it impossible to get the grain out. Son says to coach, "We gotta' get that grain out or we'll loose money!" The coach (a handsome teenage high school graduate) replies, "Yeah, you need money to buy Christmas presents." My five year old continues to explain the "economics" of farming. At five years old! The coach found this so facinatingly funny that he shared the conversation with the coach in the next pool lane. It was so cute and I was so proud that I actually teared up under my sunglasses. I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there' moments. So, I guess it's so often about the little things. I have to remind myself to take time to see, hear, live the little that when my Glass is teetered? I realize that it's full enough, that I can spare a drop or two. Happy Friday! Happy Life! Happy Little Things!


Knight said...

Your son sounds so sweet. A passion for farming at 5? I still didn't know what my parents did during the day at 5.
I wonder what your daughter is going to be like when she does hit the teenage years. I think you might have one of those sneak out of the house types. Watch out!

Jay said...

If your son keeps this up you're gonna have to carry a dictionary with you at all times. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

knight Let me tell you, if Mason knows there's gonna be a tractor runnin' that he can ride along on -- he'll be waking DH up and getting him outta' bed! LOL!

And, as for the Lil' Gal? Oh Gosh...don't you know I know it and fear true teenagism greatly! The good thing is -- No one can make her do anything SHE DOESN'T WANT TO! So, I try to find solice in that, LOL!

[Okay, not LOL....fear.]

jay Let me tell you. These kids are going to surpass my knowledge of everything very quickly. The trick is, never let'em know it? And, always throw'em off with our "wisdom" from the old school days....

tt said...

I think you spare more than a drop or two...I think you pour it around...good for you I say!