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Monday, June 9, 2008

Stories from My Childhood Flashbacks: The Mouse

I was remembering today while cleaning mirrors in our master bath, about the time when I was a little girl and I caught a mouse in the keep as a pet, I thought. I was getting ready for school and when I walked in the bathroom something darted out! Yipes! I jumped on top of the toilet seat to stand high, safe, and peer around for the darting critter. It was a cute, tiny, brown mouse. Now, at this age I had not yet discovered the foulness of germs and germ infested rodents. To me the little mouse was "Jerry" [from the infamous "Tom & Jerry"] I hopped down and grabbed a wash cloth. I hopped back atop the toilet seat and I waved the washcloth in a "toro" bull fighter type fashion. I dropped it on the mouse but he escaped it. I did this over, and over, and over and finally, I covered him with the wash cloth. I quickly jumped down, scooped up the wash cloth with Jerry captured inside. I ran to my room and dropped him in a little box with a lid. Then, I went to school. All day I thought about my little mouse at home. I couldn't wait to be friends. I'd feed him, I'd pet him....he might even want to sleep in my bed with me and my ten other stuffed animals. When I got home I ran straight to my room. I picked up the box and raised the lid to peek inside at my little "Jerry." Jerry popped his head out and tried to escape! I slammed the lid back shut but caught Jerry's head between the lid and the rim of the box. I took my finger to poke his head back inside the box and the little Fu@$er! BLEEP bit me!!!!! Not just a bite, he actually hung on! So I frantically started shaking my hand back and forth trying to get him to let go. Suddenly, I guess from the vigilent and forcefull action he flew across the room and hit the wall! I looked for him. No longer with this invision of a sweet, soft, furry little pet but with the fear of a monster that might hurt me with it's fangs. I couldn't find him. Guess he scurried, probably dizzily, back to his hole. So, I still like critters. But not rodents. And, I believe in Glue Boards. If you have a childhood critter story and want to bloggie about it. Be sure to comment here so I can go read all about it! Happy Monday!


Jay said...

Did you tell your parents that it bit you? No antibiotics or tests or anything like that?

I hate rodents. Little ones and big ones.

Farmer*swife said...

jay NO WAY! Never said a word. But, it didn't draw blood, believe it or not. Just hurt like the dickens and scared me even more!

Besides, back then? The only time we went to the doctor was if it was life and death... :-o

Anonymous said...

I. Hate. Rodents.
Mice!!! EEEEEEKKK!! Just had a survey-meme thingy posted today with the mice-eeek comment.

Early memory: my mom standing on the kitchen chair while my dad & the cat chased a mouse.