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Friday, June 5, 2009


Howdy all!  Oh, yeah!
I'm back alright!  I spent last night (until 3:am) catching up on emails and folding all the laundry that got left behind that I newly laundered.  Along with some that I didn't launder while there....
Cuz' I felt like having fun....some more.  LOL!  Naw, the sheets always  have to be laundered when we get home unless I strip the beds at dawn.  At dawn?  On the last day of the trip?  No bueno.  Then you wait on the mini-superslow-dryer all morning.
Oh, yes.  Where we stay on the FRIO, we are living in heaven.  For the price of a high end hotel room we sleep four, with 1 full bath (tub and shower) and one 1/2 bath (shower) and a separate room with twin beds for the youngins.  A microwave, a/c (we run it and leave the windows open to hear the river when inside).  The river is a declined, 100 step or so, trip down to the water where we can hang out in-or-out of the water and on the bank the whole time. :-D
All the perks of home, without any of the stresses of home.  Sweet Febreeze!  We fished, we stacked rocks, we swung from the rope swing (I didn't -- I'm the one who likes to sit on the bank in the full-out sun and just relax with a beverage.)  The river had been flushed a week or so before so there WAS water and we were allowed to enjoy it since it was clean and flowing.
It was too low to float, but that actually worked out perfectly.  The kids could take their life-jackets off for awhile as they could stand as the current was weak and slow; so, they ran amuck and had a blast!  
[Editors Note:  Anyone who knows me knows me well enough that I am extremely fearful with half-massed able-to-swim children in 3 inches or more waist high water without a Certification in Life Guarding or a Life-Jacket on.  But, I did okay and held my own and split my eyes -- along with Bex.]
The kids had an absolute blast!
We fished -- no poles necessary.  Just a neat little net, some crushed crackers and dip it under water!  What fun!  So, we had pet fish while we were there too!
It was awesome.  Great easy meal-planning, (advanced prep and quick to grill food is the only way to go) and we relaxed. 
I will admit.  TG (Tech Guy -- I think I'll rename him again as the Mac-Meister) had to run up and find a signal.  Seeee?  He apparently knew where there was a river shop that "had" internet access available!  Didn't I tell you!  He's so fabo-Techno-Tastic!  I worship his Mac-ness.  Truly.  Though, know this -- he knows all...  He loves and lives Mac.  But, he KNOWS all.  What a brain.....
And, it helps that he married the most awesome-est fabo-Gal Pal a Farmer's Wife could have! LOL!
So, the last night, I was waiting on Bex to get her youngins down and I found myself teetering atop a picnic bench with Maxcine stradling a railing and I could capture internet access from a house beside our cabins just enough to load my emails!  I couldn't read them all, but I could see who, what, when and what I had in store for me.  I actually did manage to slip one email out and then tried a little chat with Sweet D and Pro-HMKR but I lost my signal just as I signed in....  Ahhh, it was fun!
I bet next year they will have internet access available in the cabins.  Because, in this day and age?  It's a cyber world.  Multi-persons work via internet and/or internet communications.
COURSE, an iPhone would have served me wonders too.  Bex and the Mac-Meister are iPhoners and I so do not need, want neeeeed one.  But my service provider rocks and I don't want to switch; though, they can't/don't have a contract for service for the iPhone.  Hmpft-Diggity.  [Super small and sweet violins are playing now] Poor, pooor whoa is Lil'Ol spoiled me.....  [end violins playing]
Okay, so tons of pics but just a few to share with y'all.  And, I have to vlog about my MIA and Vacate!  Pro-Homaker's request and I'm so vain and love to see myself on camera I can't 'not' please a bloggie/friend so I'm thinking the pics and the vlog will come manana!
Tonight I'm hoping (Hubby willing) I can hole up again in the office and read, READ, read to catch up with all the stuff and peeps I've missed out on!  
OH, OH!  Did I tell y'all before I left?  I won a $100.00 steam mop at Is it Monday, Already?'s blog?  Oh yeah!  And it arrived today!!!
Sweet Febreeze and sniff me some pine-sol!  It's a happy day!!



Dez said...

Ah... sounds like a wonderful relaxing time. Just what you needed! Glad to have you back. I missed you (in between texts). :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Sounds wonderful -- and what a great place to stay!

Should have texted but stupid work kept getting in the way.

I'll look forward to the Vlog.


Lis Garrett said...

I, for one, am glad to have you back! The work day just wasn't the same without your friendly emails periodically hitting my inbox. LOL! Glad you all had a great time!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

she's back!!!

Debbie Yost said...

I'd say I missed you, but, well, I haven't exactly been around a lot either. Although, I did miss you on Twitter.

I am just like you on the water thing. Super hydrophobic. Sometimes I just have to walk away so I don't rub off on my kids!

I am so jealous! I want a steam mom. Maybe I'll go buy one with the extra money I make writing for Root & Sprout.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great vacation and that you are back. But darn it girl you won the mop! I was hoping for that one :0) You seem to be on a winning streak lately.

kcinnova said...

Steam mop? Wonderful!! Congrats!

I still need vacations from internet access. My husband is sure it's good for me to take breaks.