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Monday, June 22, 2009

Have that size in John Deere Green?

So, I heard this on the radio the other day.  I caught just the end of it and thought, "Hey!  That's a new tractor song!"  I love tractor songs...  I know, I'm partial since my Hubby drives them.
Anyhow, it reminded me when Kenny Chestney first sang "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy!"  Hubby (we were still dating at the time) was on the combine; and, the BIL was driving the buggy.  I was jogging the field for a work out before jumping in with him.  Gosh, I used to love that so.  I'd jump up with him and we'd catch up on the day and I might read a little here or there, we'd listen to music (yeah, they have a sound system in there)... :-D  And, I'd ride with him into the dark until quitting time when the grain would be too moist to cut anymore that night.
So, I was listening to my headphones and the radio had a new "Make-It-Or-Break-It" song bout.  This is where ten people call in and their votes either keep the song for the next day or it gets trashed to the side.
One lady, from San Antonio, called in.  She said to "Break it, who thinks a tractor is sexy anyway?"  Um, that'd be me??  So, I sprinted back to my vehicle and pulled out my cell phone to call in and nix her vote.  I told the guy, "My boyfriend is on a tractor right now; I'm about to jump in when I get off this call.  That lady from San Antonio, obviously hasn't ever seen a tractor."  Hmpft!  Well, the song obviously made it and Kenny is a big star now [you are welcome, Kenny.]
So, this is another one already topping the chart.  I had to share.  And, now I have to call my Hubby and tell him how much I love him and how sexy his 'tractor' is. 
Happy Monday, Y'AAALL!



Kelly Dawn said...

oh yeah baby....i love a man on a tractor... :) right there with ya woman...

Anonymous said...

And then there's that wonderful song, "John Deere Green"! :)

I'll assume the combine had a/c. That was my biggest surprise when riding in one on dh's grandpa's farm.

Lis Garrett said...

Maybe what makes a tractor sexy is the man driving it. ;-)

Whenever I see a tractor, I think of that scene in Cars, in which Lightning Mcqueen and Mater go tractor tipping. LOL! Oh, it gets me each time. HAHAHA!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I drive my dad's tractor. I have cowboy boots. My wife thinks I am hawt. ;)

Baseball Mom said...

My grandfather drove a tractor. You can find sexy in anything. *smile*

Happy Tuesday!!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I have Kenny's tractor song on my's under "workout favorites"!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I think someone driving a vacuum is hotter. :-)

Oh, yeah, and Fiber One

Dez said...

I think his tractor's sexy......