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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call me a Heathen, cuz' I'm going to He!!

Well, tie me up to a pulpit and pull out the torches... light me afire and send me on my way to the less than Holy place.... I skipped church this morning. It wasn't my intention. I probably needed to go so I could pray and kneel about these anger issues I've had lately. Not anger, just impatience and.... intolerance? Maybe? Anyhow. Me and Hubby woke up late this morning. The kids actually slept in late too. I suggested that maybe, just once, we skip. Hubby's missed on account of early a.m. fishing, out of town, working, spraying the fields, etc. But, typically, I go... Even without him. I get the kids up and ready and we go. I like church. I love my God. But, this morning. I felt like giving in to the adam and eve in me. It really boils down to the fact that I had like ten minutes to get ready. I can do this easily, but not quite 'church ready' without my coffee, and getting my Lil' Gal's wild, blonde locks tamed. Hubby, says, NO. We.ARE.Going. We discuss this. (That means it turned into a heated argument). We're Goin! GRRRR, Diddle Piss-Fiddle, and La-de-Da! It's said. Hmmmm, this got me wondering. As we just had a discussion last night, about 'bedtime.' Um, excuse me? I have a bedtime? No comprendo me esposo. Am I not 36 and 11 month plus a few days plus gestation years of age? If my calculations are right, I am... So, I respond with, "You ain't my Daddy. And, I'm.NOT.Going." Hmpft. So there! LOL! Not really LOL, but yes on some levels. When one spouse is the homemaker and the other is the bread winner, it's easy for a relationship to fall into the parent/child socialization. I've seen it. I've had friends experience it. It won't happen to me. I'm too hard headed for one. And, I love my family too much -- my kids and my husband -- to go there. Anyhow, I'm off to save a large breakfast table(s) for the church crew and all. They'll wonder why I missed church. I'll tell them. "I had a tantrum. He's not my Daddy and he can't make me!" They'll all laugh. I'll laugh. Then, I'll kiss my hubby on the bald holy-glowing head and tell him I love him...., but, still. "He ain't my Daddy." [Ya' think I'm a little hard headed? Maybe, just a wee bit stubborn? Yeah, I am... :-) ] 'Tis Marriage! Happy Sunday!


Lis Garrett said...

I've never understood why people feel they have to be IN a church to worship. The relationship I have with God (whoever or whatever that God might be) is very personal and private. I'd much rather 'worship' in the quiet of my garden than in the midst of a bunch of people. If you go to church to socialize, that's one thing. But you can worship God anywhere, and at any time. I've stopped going to church because I need ONE day of the week that's calm and not rushed. Trying to get three kids ready for church, when all I really want to do is enjoy the morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day. And it's not good.

My husband tried to pull rank VERY early on in our marriage. I might be a quiet person, but I think I made my point loud and clear. He's not since done it. ;-)

Kelly Dawn said...

I had this issue with Wayne a couple times...and I always respond the same way you have a daddy thank you :) and sometimes the "discussion" is quite loud...and sometimes it is quite heated...and sometimes I remind him that "if you would just do what I tell you? we so would not be arguing..." lol...that one usually gets a laugh and ends the have been married 20 years come 2010 and I am OVER 40 and a GROWN WOMAN... :)

I dont have to remind him of that too much anymore...

I am SO HARD HEADED like you...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Your post rang true in two big ways for me ...

1. I think perfectionists -- or those who are striving to be their best -- need to let themselves off the hook once in awhile. It's good for you and us.

2. Sometimes we need to respect what the partner is feeling. I had a dinner invite tonight, but Art was more content to sit home and watch TV. He's been stressed and working so hard that it was more important that he have his way in this instance, than me worrying about appearances. Guess what? He was in a much better mood when I got home (and I had fun, too, at the dinner party)

So let yourself off the hook and kudos to you for acknowledging that you are your own person.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

FW hard headed? What a surprise! Glad to be able to visit here again!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree, it is hard to get to Church. I find I can sleep better on Sunday mornings than any other day of the week. I know the family thing also.

Cascia said...

I try not to miss church on Sundays but now I am on bed rest and expecting my fourth any time now so I can't leave the house.

Marriage is difficult and something you just have to work on.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Debbie Yost said...

I'm the church goer in our house and although hubby goes with us, if ever I suggested we not go, he wouldn't argue. Although there are times he stays home and sometimes with the younger girls, I always go, or try to.

However, there are other disagreements we have such as bedtime for the girls. Or what shows they are old enough to watch. I'm a lot more conservative than he is. We disagree at times, but usually work it out in the end. Of course, no one would EVER tell you I'm hard headed or stubborn **cough cough** No really. That's why my mom always is surprised my children are stubborn. She can't imagine where they got it from.

Dez said...

Major Kudos to you!! You make me proud! I love your DH (platonically, of course), but I would have handled it the very same way! :)

Anonymous said...

Bedtime? Yeah, what's that for a mom? Esp. a mom who has always been a night owl (I'm getting better about that since I started getting up early with my hubby). My dh does like me to go to bed at the same time he does whenever possible. He wants to know I am getting enough rest, and those few minutes of brushing our teeth together and talking before falling asleep are precious times.

We do go to church as a family (although MM doesn't always sit with us anymore). I go because I like it... because I need to have the fellowship of other believers... because I tend to have a bad week if I don't go... and yes, because I have friends there. I can worship God while hiking in the woods or strolling through a garden, but there is something special about worshiping with others alongside you.
That said, there are times when a person needs a break. Or has a tantrum and needs to be alone. (Or even just needs to be alone. Period.) I think that ultimately it is about submission to one another --and I'm talking here about the respect you give each other, just like Harry described.

Marriage is hard work, but it is worth it! :)

Baseball Mom said...

That is funny you actually brought that up. I thought it was only in my household the phase,

'I have a daddy and your not him'

is thrown around. That actually made me giggle.

But I am shocked to learn FW is hard headed? Really? Hmmm ... never would have guessed. LOL.