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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bed Wars.....

Bed wars....
Yeah, so last night we had one....  Does this look familiar?
Okay, primitive.  But, you get the point.  Last night after Lil'Gal fell asleep I tucked her in and whispered something great about her in her ear.  I then went to our room and moved 58 pounds of sleeping Farmer, Jr. to his room and tuck him in the same way.
When I get back to our room and crawl in bed, Hubby is in the middle.  I squeeze on my side with one foot hanging off, slightly and assume my comfortable position = my knee to my chest.
Hubby is distressed because my knee is apparently in his side.  Because, he's in the middle of the bed, I say.
Of course, he disagrees.  
I keep telling him that his side is beside the middle line.  It doesn't start ON the middle line.  Hmpft.  It's a losing battle.  Bed Wars....
Hubby:  "Hey Honey, you want to use our tax back money for a new mattress?"
Me:  "Are we getting a new bed with it?  King size?"
Hubby:  "I didn't really want to spend that much money on a new bed and all.  I was just thinking a new mattress."
Me:  :-(
Off to swim lessons!
Happy Tuesday, Y'all!  



shelley said...

hey there,
i am stillll laughing! this has been going on in our house for 24 years! lol and FINALLY after 24 years and 1 kid almost done w/college we broke down and got a KING size bed! *and he still somehow manages to sleep in the middle! uhhhhhhh

Together We Save said...

You make me laugh and glad to know I am not the only one. Love your drawing.

Baseball Mom said...

I had false dreams a King would fix that issue. Now I have my King and removed him. :)

Debbie Yost said...

We have a king. It's almost too big sometimes. You know on those nights when you want to do a little more than sleeping I feel like I have to swim a mile. Course, he doesn't take his side out of the middle. It's just when the kids try to join us. We've put a stop to that. How can one little Peanut take up so much room?!

Anonymous said...

We take turns hogging the middle here. But I see one problem with your happy faced picture: hubby was snoring. Wouldn't a really happy scenario be one in which he was sleeping quietly?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

in our case there is this bossy little beagle hogging the middle of the bed!

The Queen said...

HI girlfriend, wanted to tell you I'm keeping up on the reading of your blog as best I can with all that is going on.. I don't usually have time to comment.. Can't wait to be moved so I can go archive serfing here.. and totally get caught up...

So,, who won the red purse.. we are all waiting to hear..