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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Son NEEDS this, for FREEEEE! Please!

Mom of 2 Boys Wife of 1 is hosting a fabulous giveaway!!  Well, she's got two current new ones... one is for $75.00 towards your choice of an awesome BAG/Tote!  Various styles, from small, medium and large to include a nifty laptop bag that also serves as a carry all for your traveling office....  [Ladies, check that one out, I just pimped it cuz it's awesome...I'm in this for the next one...]
THIS is the one I want for my kids; particularly my son!  It's a traveling magnet brief case that also dons some dry erase activities and number, puzzles, interchangeable dry erase coloring pages....the list is endless because as much as it comes with you can always add to it!
This is fab for traveling, but also for those times when my son is just plain bored watching Lil'Gal at gymnastics, or waiting while Mama does a travel notary job in a business office...  Farmer, Jr. LOVES this type of interactive stuff.  And, he is soooo patient.  He'll stick with something like this forever before even changing the activity to another one that comes with it.
I'm wondering if my daughter might like it just the same.  Think about those trips to the pediatrician's office where the kids get bored, and wild, and then touch all the 'kids toys available' that you know were not cleaned in-between waiting room appointments.
I'd rather have something cool that will keep my kids entertained without touching something foreign that's been over-germed daily with an understood spray of lysol at the end of the office day (That probably doesn't happen as routine as daily).  EEEWWW!
I WANT TO WIN THIS ONE!  I've won stuff before....But, for this one, I will have to jump through the hoops -- and tweet daily x 2!  (Crap, better put it on the 'To Do' list or I'll forget through all the distraction!)
Happy Tuesday PM almost Wednesday, Hump-Diggity Day from here!
I had a total Failure that actually ended in Success post ready....  But, I had to do this one first cuz' I wanna win this for my kids....
The other post will be good.  If it carries through to tomorrow.   It's based on the fact that today was a wonderful day, tainted with two REALLY... really, unbelievable... worstest ever-EVAH tantrums by my Lil'Gal.  Extreme tiredness and exhaustion turns her into a gargoil....(it's late, don't spell check me, okay?)
Let's just say, on the good side, she will never be forced or influenced to do something she knows is wrong or is uncomfortable with because she is totally sure of herself and will not take anything for an answer until she's explored and proven it for herself.  She is SURE minded of who she is and what she wants to do, where she wants to go, and in her life, there is "No NO."
But, guess who became the monster tonight when that 'wicked self finding tantrum tested me'....the one who is supposed to stay in charge and control to teach self management...
Mom Failure....  I'm eating corn husks, old words, and crowpoop......  In the end, Lil'Gal and I both are better for it....  and, she is, as always and forever, my angelic TinkerBug, My Angel Bug, My lovely Sweet and Favorite Gal.
And, luckily for me?  I'm her bestest, ever, awesomest Mama....  Good thing I put my all into being my best at that part.  That's my salvation when "I too" have a temper-tantrum meltdown.
Night all!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

So did you lie on the floor and scream, I'm having a bad day!!" ... I still think that's a good idea. :-)

Oh and Fiber One! :-)

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

You are too funny! I sure hope you win! You are right though, this thing is amazing! *hugs*

Dez said...

Aw, so sorry I wasn't there to comfort my 2 girls. :(
One day real soon!
Pro: What's this about Fiber One everywhere??!!

Lis Garrett said...

Try as I might, I just cannot imagine you losing your temper. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I want that prize too! You and me sweetie we can arm wrestle for it. :0) Yeah, tweeting 2x a day eck! Hey you won the steam mop I was hoping to win from Lisa so my turn heehee! Good Luck!

Baseball Mom said...

I hope you do win. Good Luck. But if you don't slow down you can not blog, tweet, and etc. to get your entries in!!

U need to use your fancy-dancy phone u bought and get those entries in. Even if your away. :)

Happy Saturday!!