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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fly By!!!!

Piss, Moan, and BTW -- I gotta' new phone! Poooooo and YAAAaaaY! After swim lessons today I've been all over South Texas, doing everything that wasn't but should have been on a list. So, I've obviously been away from Macxine with no time to read or tweet or post or any of that fun stuff. No time to pimp Root & Sprout where Lis has a great and laughable article up today! No time to share recipes at Grow Together's Recipe Corner where members have been sharing different recipes for a change in the dinner and daily menu! [Go check it out! REALLY! And, add a great recipe if you have one. You don't have to be a parent to know how to cook!] :-D Anyhow, I got a ticket today. Yep. A big'ol pink slip. The kids wondered if I were going to jail.... They wondered when I needed to 'pay the policeman' so I could be a good citizen again. I wasn't even trying to speed or anything! Rookie. His patches were still warm from Mama ironing them to his uniform, I sware. He was ticket happy. Farmer, Jr. was ducking the security guard at Wal-Mart while whispering to me, "Mama, watch out. You haven't paid your ticket yet. You don't want to go to jaaaaaa-iiiiil?" I explained to him that they give me a month or so to 'mail' it in. He was much relieved. Got a new phone, though! My old, prehistoric one finally completely blitzed out yesterday evening and then today it would reboot in the middle of a phone call. Es no bueno now days with kids on the road, events, etc. Tech-FW-must-have-a-phone..... And, now with..... wait-for-it.......INTERNET!!! Hot biscuits and gravy!!! I'm rockin' now! So, I'm going to try it all out while Farmer, Jr. practices his moves and counting in Japanese during Karate! Be lookin' for me! I'm hoping to catch up on blog reads and tweeps while multi-tasking as the Super-Mom I am! Later Gators, time to cruise!


Jay said...

Uh oh! Joo gots a teekit?

Just tell Farmer Jr. that it's only down in Mexico that you pay the policeman directly. ;-)

kcinnova said...

That lead foot got you in trouble, eh?

Debbie Yost said...

Sorry about the ticket. Yuck! What kind of phone did you get?

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Fiber One:

Waah on the ticket! I *still* need to get my car smogged and have been driving with expired tags for 2 years now (tip -- mail in the registration money, and no penalties <-- yes, reward procrastination)

Congrats on the new phone! I posted a new post tonight -- finally. Work has been *so* busy.

Baseball Mom said...

Guess there is no hiding this one from DH. :) *giggle*

Awwwww .. @ Farmer Jr. He is really worried the po-po is going to ship his momma to the big house. Least u can still write for R&S on the inside. Oh the stories u could write from in there. *giggle*

Happy FW favorite day!! S-L-O-W down!!