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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where's the Eye Candy?

Swimming time!
Yeppers, swim lessons started today!  YAY!  Annoying boy was back again, (you can catch up from last year here).
He behaved better but I could already tell he was looking for someone to mess with.  I wanted Farmer, Jr. in level 3 rather than repeating level 2 again this year, but he's not quite ready and now I am glad.
His mom drives me nuts.  I stay to myself or next to moms that I can take or leave the conversation.  Besides, I'm not there to be a chitty-chatty.  I'm there to watch my children.  And, we all know how I get around bodies of water and my children.  Can you say, anxious?  A little.
Especially, after last year when Lil'Gal lost grip of the edge and went under.  The coach was half way across the pool.  [Lil'Gal should have been sitting on the ledge anyhow and not hanging on the ledge in the water.]
I shot through the gate and across the cool deck to the far end of the pool in a second and a half and met the coach at the same time to bring her back up.  Yeah, that's me.  Helicopter Mom.
So, Lil'Gal is back in her same class.   But different coach.  All Gals.  
So, Farmer*s Wife is left wondering, "Where is my eye candy?"  What?  No built, collegiate boys teaching this year?  Poor Farmer*s Wife.....  ;-(
Last year, there was this little girl in her glass who was constantly jumping off the ledge. Prompting the coach to stop the lesson and replace the little girl on the ledge, over and over and over again.  The mom finally came over and was instructing the little girl to behave or go home.  Well things got really wild.
The little girl began running all over the place and her mom was chasing her and the little girl was screaming and the mom was obviously so humiliated -- enough so that they never came back.
This year, I saw her again.  She's in Farmer, Jr.'s class (she's a pretty good little swimmer).  Her Dad was there this year.  He was very firm with her and finally we kind of started up a short conversation about her.  I mentioned that I remember that first day last year and felt so bad for his wife.  
I think my understanding was appreciated.   Though, he mentioned that they didn't return because the little gal was kicked out!  Booted!  Not because her mom was humiliated.  Yeah, it was that bad....
Anyhow....that's the first half of our day.  Pics to come later in the week.  Don't forget you can still win chocolate or a red Estee Lauder tote purse.
Though BaseBall Mom and Pro-Homemaker are racking up the entries to win one or the other!  (Thanks y'all!)
Back to work now!  Don't forget to stop in at Root & Sprout and see what's the latest publication there!  Also, Grow Together has a new group, Recipe Corner!  Join up and you can scroll through our growing list of new things to make!



SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

I love it, Eye Candy! My brother had a swim instructor when he was four. She was 18, blond hair and well no kids and stretch marks she was perfect in everyway. Darn youth! Anyway my brother prior to her arrival didn’t want to go in the water. After one lesson he was ready to jump and swim. When the lessons came to an end he told my mother he needed more lessons! Sorry had to share.

As far as your encounter that is a bummer no Eye Candy, that always makes sitting for a ½ hour to an hour worth while with screaming kids. The screaming girl, wow now that would be me with my youngest, though I was never booted anywhere…yet anyway! Have a great weekend!

Baseball Mom said...

What? No Eye Candy? How can that be? I am not a fan of those children parents no good and well they will disrupt the class, but yet they go ahead and place them in, thinking their all in titled and *s*.

Hope this summers lessons go without incidents.

Jay said...

I can't wait until Lil' Gal is 18 and you race across the pool area cause she goes underwater and save her and she's like "Moooooooom! I wanted the cute lifeguard to save me!" LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't signed SnakeMaster up for level 3 yet. Maybe I'm dragging because the class is at 8am and I can't imagine watching misbehaving children at that hour? It could be a really bad scene if I haven't had my coffee yet...

Delaney said...

I just tried the links you have for the chocolate and the tote and neither one worked. Came up with Blogger stating that the pages don't exist. Huh??

Hope you all have fun and look forward to the pics!