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Friday, June 26, 2009

Who wants chocolate? I'll tell ya!

Howdy all! Just popped in for about 45 seconds; long enough for Lil'Gal to do the drawing for the Fiber One Chocolate Gift Basket set that has chocolate bar soap, chocolate scented lotion, a chocolate scented candle, chocolate bath salts, a voucher for free fiber one chocolate mocha bars (devine with coffee), and a sweet little spa pillow for the tub!
Thank you MomSpark and Fiber One for sending this out to me.  (I love the fiber one chocolate mocha bars so much that I emailed MyBlogSpark to inquire and they were kind enough to send me a free gift set to giveaway!)  AWESOME, they are!!
Well, free time is up!  I have to run a touch up edit on one of my two articles due today and send it to My EDITOR, Awesome Lis from Root & Sprout = then off to pick up WonderMom and the kids.
A trip to the craft store and then back for some science.  I'll be home later this evening to complete my last article due and write my review due for Monday (it'll be a giveaway at Root & Sprout so don't forget to pop in over there!
Oh, and my Fab 4th of July Party on a Budget article was published Wednesday, you can read more of that HERE!!!!
And, last, since I've been so busy and too busy to share any funnies about the day I offer you this: Poor Judgement; Bad Day Little Guy Part 1: The mouse Part 2: The Rat in the Pantry.....
Happy Friday!  FWFD of the week!  Whooooop!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yea!!!! I won, I won!

And I so chuckled when Lil Gal just looked at the camera and said, "Hi."

All those comments both here and on Root and Sprout did it for me. Yea!!!

Thanks, FW, for the great contest!

Baseball Mom said...

Congrats ProHomeMaker.

How cute was lil gal? How ur swimming lessons went well.

But seriously .. Lil Gal & Farmer Jr. u need to stop keeping ur momma so busy. We miss her around here. :)

Happy Saturday!!

Baseball Mom said...

Ugh! That should have been HOPE ur swimming lessons went well.

Seriously? I need to slow down!! LOL

Cascia said...

Cute video! I love Fiber One products and my blog spark.