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Monday, June 8, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Estee Lauder in RED!

Happy Monday!  It's noon already?  Boy, have I been squandering the day away -- and, lovin' it!!!  Make me a Pine-Sol martini and start the party because I am lovin' summer time!! 
So, what do I have for lil'ol y'alls?  Why it's a brand new TOTE BAG by Estee Lauder!
And, look how roomy!
See how happy it makes our model?  She definitely wears it well!
Wouldn't this lovely tote make you a happy Gal or your Gal a happy Gal?  Gentlemen, she'll be impressed that you went all out!  Ladies, it's fit to be tied for a hot summery night on the town. Or afternoon out and about!
So, what do you have to do to win?  Well, that's the super easy part!
  • 1 entry)    Tell me what you'll do with the gorgeous tote if you win!
  • 1 entry - daily)  Tweet this giveaway; you can do this once daily for additional entries
  • 2 entries)    Grab my button (let me know if you already have it)
  • 3 entries)   Publish a post about Root & Sprout and it's wonderful parent networking site Grow Together  [Yes, I'm pimping the sites big time!]
  • 5 entries)    Put up a link to Root & Sprout at your blog or grab one of the buttons I have up top for Root & Sprout!
  • 5 entries)   Post about this giveaway and let me know ya' did!
If you tweet this giveaway, be sure to let me know via a comment.  1 tweet per day! :-) THX!
This giveaway will end Friday, June 19th, 2009 at midnight.  The winner will be announced the following Monday.  I will post the winners and also contact you if I have a way to back track ya!
Happy Monday!!



The Queen said...

have your readers that can't load this page update their Java.. Chelle B. had me do that when the same thing was happening on HBDC. The page would just freeze me up.. there is a lot of flash stuff on your site and vlogs.. so just have them update.. make sure they have the latest version of Java.

TTYL The Queen. and my security word is tedip.. are you trying to tell me something here woman?

Lis Garrett said...

What would I do if I won? KEEP IT!!! My girls are bad about swiping my purses, and then I never see them again. LOL! And I do love red!

Baseball Mom said...

Oh - Oh Baseball Mom so needs this purse. I have not had a new purse in ages. That red is just to cute.

What would I do with it? Keep it and be a styling baseball mom. It is even big enough to carry all my supplies with me to the games. :)

Oh I am just drooling for this baby.

MommaYoung said...

I'd do everything with it, heck I'd go to the bathroom with it. It is so gorgeous...

MommaYoung said...

I have your lovely button on my blog already.

Baseball Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Baseball Mom said...

Ugh! I messed up my comment, and then it said didn't send .. then did .. and oh brother!!

Back again today. So of course you know I sport your button on my blog. So that is 2 more entries.

Then there is my Root & Sprouts button I sport as well on my blog. So that is another 5.

Let's see what else can I do? Hmmm ... oops now I am late picking up CD.

(to be continued ...)

Kelly Dawn said...

umm yeah RED is my favortie COLOR and it LOOKS like my laptop might fit in it :)

Kelly Dawn said...

i so have your button on my sidebar! has been there a whiles :)

The Queen said...

I would sport it all over Kansas and brag about how the queen won this at the Farmer's Wife blog give aways...and I would so brag that I beat Kelly out for it.. cause that's just the way I am..

You button is on my awards page..

Baseball Mom said...

Alright everyone step AWAY from my purse. I am back again to report I blogged about ur great giveaway on my bloggie. So add me some more enteries plz.

Thank You so much!!

Dez said...

Oh Man! I bet I'm too late! You know how I take my bag EVERYWHERE I GO! Well, my red and white Este Lauder bag handle BROKE! And, my beautiful Blue Lancomb bag got stolen by The Teacher! I just can't say no. Oh well... I just see myself going to the Este Lauder counter!

Carolyn G said...

I would keep this for myself an I would use it for traveling. I love having a nice bag for travel and this one is fantastic!! i LOVE IT.

Debbie Yost said...

I'd use it! That thing is awesome. I love the red.

I'll be back later to grab your button. Gotta run to the store while Peanut sleeps and quit messing around on this computer.

Baseball Mom said...

Okay sweet so another way to get entries. I Tweeted 'bout ur giveaway.

Debbie Yost said...

Entry #2! Your button is now on my blog! BTW, thanks from grabbing my button even if I don't have a cool give away.

Kelly Dawn said...

I tweeted it - I tweeted it! Cant have baseball mom taking my bag...I gotta have that red bag... Red is MY signature COLOR! I even have RED dress pants - a red striped shirt and red shoes to carry it with...and yep that is the complete outfit...with silver hoop earrings...and a silver LARGE bead necklace and bracelet!

Baseball Mom said...

I tweeted it again this afternoon. Did u ever gat an answer about making pictures non-clickable?

I am just curious.

Happy Saturday!!

Baseball Mom said...

Sundays Tweet is in. Sounds like your Sunday has been exciting. :)

Happy Sunday!!

Baseball Mom said...

I was a good lil girl and tweeted your offer once again today.

Point count to date:

Commented on post - 1
Your Blog Button - 2
R&S Blog Button - 5
Blogged your giveaway - 5
Tweeted 6/12 - 1
Tweeted 6/13 - 1
Tweeted 6/14 - 1
Tweeted 6/15 - 1

Grand total: 17

I am so excited!! I just can see myself sporting this around town.

Farmer*swife said...

BBMom! You are such a hoot! I hope you win this bag because you have soooo worked for it! :-D

Thanks for all your hard work and tweets and support and participation! You rock!

Baseball Mom said...

Tweeted 6/16 - 1

Total: 18

Debbie Yost said...

I tweeted it today! 6/16

Baseball Mom said...

Published a post about R&S - 3

Total: 21

Thanks FW for this great giveaway!!

Debbie Yost said...

I tweeted about the giveaway today, 6/17. I accidently did it twice.

Baseball Mom said...

I tweeted this again today.
6/17 - 1

Total: 22

Now were off to baseball. Hot-Hot-Hot night. Hope cools some after sun goes down.

Baseball Mom said...

Tweeted again today. Final days counting down.

6/18 - 1

Total: 23

Now I am heading to bed. Long day!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I bow to Baseball Mom ... she's as big a giveaway ho as I am. :-)

Baseball Mom said...

LOL @ Prohomemaker. :-)

I probably stood on my head for nadda. But I also promise to make a Vlog if I win.

So we will see. I will be on pins and needles all weekend. I am so excited!!

I say she draws the sucker TODAY and posts TODAY. So I can BRAG or CRY all weekend at Catcherdudes Baseball Tournament.

Baseball Mom said...

Duh! Baseball mom is a dork. I read Friday Jun 19 @ midnight as in:

Thursday Jun 18 11:59p Contest OPEN
Friday Jun 18 12:00a Contest CLOSED.

So there is a couple more hours for everyone to put their entries in.

Though must I remind EVERYONE I carry BIG bats & plenty of BALLS in my car? LOL!!

I crack myself up!! :-)

Baseball Mom said...

Okay so today is 6/19 the final day. My final tweet has been sent.

I really have had fun. :)

Tweet 6/19 - 1

Grand Total: 24

Happy Friday!!