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Monday, June 15, 2009

"Oh So Good" It's the ME in YUMMEE!

This recipe is thanks to the Mac-Miester and Bex whom introduced me/us to this while at the river. The recipe comes from a family friend who owns a fantastic ranch with cooks. I don't know who is the original author of this recipe, otherwise, I would be sure to credit him/her appropriately. Either way, I am "Oh So Thankful" for the named, "Oh So Good." This is suggested as a breakfast recipe but could just as easily be for lunch (like I ate today) or a snack or even made in mini-sizes as appetizers. Y'all know me, always thinking outside of the box with this kind of stuff -- to make it my own!
[This could also be a great substitute for a sandwich dinner.]
Oh So Good (You will "Oh So Thank Me!") Ingredients: toast (1 slice per serving) mustard (I use brown and GP Dijon) cooked bacon pickled jalapenos (I use fresh, y'all know me!) Cheese (I like mixed jack and cheddar) Spread mustard evenly on a piece of toast. Place strips of bacon across the mustard-toast. Add pickled jalapenos on top of the bacon - generously. :-) Cover with cheese; bake until melted. Wanna' make it even better? Today, I sliced up a fresh home grown tomato from my Sweet & Fab MIL. I placed the tomato slices on top of the jalapenos (mine were fresh and I also doused with some Louisiana sauce = that's just Farmer*s Wife's way). THEN, I topped with cheese and baked till melted and bubbly. WHOLLY YUM-YUM!! My taste buds were awakened and thrilled with the tantalizing flavors melded into this open face sandwich. Of course, you could always add a slice of toast on top to close the sandwich. But, unnecessary!!! So, do what I do! Take this and try it; then add some of your own whimsical favorites to it and make it, "YOUR OWN, OH SO GOOD!" Happy Monday and all that weekly newness with it! :-)



Kelly Dawn said...

omg yummmyyyy i am so gonna have to have this for breakfast in the morning! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Fiber One:

I am grabbing my Prevacid right now. :-)

g-man said...


Jay said...

It's got bacon, so it must be good.

Baseball Mom said...

Looks "Oh So Good"

I will try to remember to get to stuff to make this. How sad I do not have the ingredients for that simple thing. LOL

daddybookins said...

DANG! That looks good! Anything with Jalapeno's is super yummy! I have a feeling though I would be the only one to eat it. oh well :o)


~daddy b