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Friday, March 12, 2010

I believe in Gremlins

First off, I'd like to say "HAPPY FWFD of the WEEK [FRIDAY]" and Happy Hour begins at 4:pm as we start off our Spring Break. Also, I'd like to put a shout out to God for the glorious weather he has blessed us with! I feel like I'm finally emerging from my cacoon!

And, yes, I DO believe in Gremlins. Wanna' know why? 'Cuz of stuff like this:

Now you know why I'm always dusting and cleaning my baseboards.  That is sheer filth!  And, how in the world does it get there?  Who drinks or plays with something dark and wet near the floor?  It's like it magically appears there.  I'm just walking along on my merry way in the house and then I look down and think, "WTH?"

GREMLINS.  Definitely.  They are also the mongrels who steal the socks.  You know, how you get to the bottom of the laundry bin and you have about five - ten socks all loners and missing their mate.  The gremlins ate'em.  MMM-hmmm.

And, Gremlins shed really bad.  That's where the dust bunnies that appear out of nowhere come from.  When I see one kind of floating by or laying on the floor, I know a Gremlin just flew by...  [there too quick for the eye.]

The good thing is, at least they pretty well stay away from my windows.  But, they love to leave little imprints on my kitchen appliances.  And, the love to mess up the vanities and sinks.  Lil'Fluppers!

Anyhow.  I believe in'em. Be on watch, I'm telling you - there is probably one or two residing in your house too.

So, I'm ready to start my spring break but first I have to tackle the list. This is what is on it for today:

Scrub shower
Hit baseboard in Master Bath
Kids baths and latrines
Clean sheets for master bed
Make hot sauce
Enter jewelry party orders
Clean microwave
Treadmill (30 minute walk, minimum)
Work on Writing assgn 4 if time allows
Resize photos and write Photo op post. :-D

Not too bad, eh?

Then it, "Farmer*sWife's World, Party On, Excellent!" :-D

Happy Friday!  Have some mashed taters and gravy with it!



Debbie Yost said...

Please don't look at my baseboards. Of course, you probably wouldn't get that far. You'd have fainted long before it.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Debbie, the pic doesn't do it justice. I left it full size in case someone wanted the blow up to see how much mess was there! LOL!

Debbie Yost said...

And still. As I write this I can look over at the wall that Peanut took a pencil to several months ago and I still haven't cleaned. I keep think I just want to paint it anyway, but that hasn't happened either. :-)

Kristi Faith said...

HA! My family says I'm the only person in the world concerned with baseboards. LOL

It's amazing isn't it. Oh and don't forget about all those calories you'll be burning while scrubbing!

kcinnova said...

I could give you a lot of work if you want to stop by...
I'll chill some Shiner for 'ya!