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Saturday, March 20, 2010

FW, Conversation with myself :-D

Body:  "FW?"


Body: "You know how you keep complaining about that 'ring' around your waist?"

"Shhhhht, hang on this is a good part!"

Body:  "FW....they are all good parts."

"Oh, yeah....  TOTALLY, right?  Are you watching!!!"

Body:  "Um, no.  I'm GROWING because you won't get off our PIE and go walk on the treadmill."

"Oh, yeah. Right.  I promised right?"

Body:  "Yep."

"Cr@p....  I mean, I'll be right on that....."

Body:  "I bet you can find Twilight on cable watch while you waaaaa-aaalk...."

"REALLY?  Kay, cuz that'd be totally cool!  Then, we could come back in here and watch the New Moon DVD again!"

Body:  "hehe, I get her every time with that one...."


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At least your body gets your attention. Mine keeps flapping frantically, but I'm really good at ignoring...