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Monday, March 8, 2010

READING, my latest obsession....

Once again, I've buried myself full on into a new activity.  As I tend to do with any 'new' activity.  I fall into it and live submerged until I can vent it enough from my system that I may still participate but with a balance for all the other things in life.

Back in November, I took on the Twilight series.  Most of you know that I read all of those in a matter of a few days.  One, in entirety, in 24 hours.  [Thank goodness for the Thanksgiving Holiday.]

In the meantime I had read Lis' PRECIPICE (a romance e-book published at ireadiwrite[dot]com).  In addition to rereading that book several times (shadow reader, etc) I've also read her YA Paranormal/Romance novel which she is currently seeking a publisher for. (YAY HER!)

I'm shadow reading a chapter from yet another book, I've read all eight of the "Sookie Stackhouse" books (the one's the show True Blood is based on).  I read Dear John in about two days, handed it over to WonderMom and then started with "The Morganville Vampire" saga (another 8 or so book series -- apparently, I like series when I enjoy a good read.  I like the fact that the story keeps going, kind of like a TV show).

With all this reading I put a Kindle on my Christmas wish list as my one and only want from Hubby and the kids.  And, I got one!  (I know, spoiled FW, spoiled!)  :-D

Actually half the books I've read or more lately were downloaded to the Kindle.  I love it.  Instant gratification.  What?  I'm done?  Where's the next book?  Oh, right here on the amazon page on my Kindle and lookie there -- it's already on my Kindle and I can read :-DD

[Hang on, my email just chimed.  Oooooh, another Chapter on the book I'm shadow reading!  It's a thriller!!  Whoop!  You can guess who's writing it ;-)  ]

Today, I figured out how to download books to my Kindle without being limited to Amazon only.  Amazon is great, but for e-books the authors lose a LOT of their income from the book.  If you download directly from the e-book site, they tend to get more like half the profit rather than quarters on dollars.

So, in addition to eeeeeverything else I'm supposed to be doing, I added "Roadkill" and "The Hambledown Dream" to the Kindle.  Sweeeeeet!

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!  Oh, if you want, read along with some of these!  We can share/compare notes! ;-)



Anonymous said...

Wish I had the time to read that often! But I'm not ready for a kindle. I still like the books that I can write my notes in the margin. :)


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Em, I agree, there are some books I HAVE to have in print. But, the Kindle has opened up an inexpensive opportunity and convenience to carry around multiple books at a time in a slim electronic venue.

AND, if I find a book or a series that I know I'll want hard copy -- then I can get it. ;-) 'Course, with your job all you do is read at work, I'm sure!

I squeeze it in at night, while waiting on the kids, at appointments, etc. ;-)

CarolynM said...

I'm oh so jealous - just finished chapter seven of my Gender Comm class - and I've read a ton of articles for my twenty page paper. I'm looking forward to a "Summer of Smut" (TM) mmmwwhahahahaha. I LOVE the paranormal romances.

I'm addicted to it's so hard for me to justify a Kindle (plus it doesn't mix very well with tub water). I've recently just started putting up requests for hardback editions of the classics.
I sprinkle a few in now and again to stay legit!

Carrie M.

Melissa said...

I think I would read all day if I could get away with it . . . but when would I write? LOL!

kcinnova said...

You're making me wish for a Kindle...