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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've gone crazy??? Don't tell...

So, I'm two posts behind for a post per day per month. Kind of a new goal since I fell behind for a multiple month or two.

I'm not crazy, but I might have hit a short spell somewhere between the end of November and the day before New Year's eve. :-)

Just don't tell on me, though... kay?

And, in honor of this and my way of getting an extra post in today (in addition to the one I'm going to put up immediately after this one) here's a wonderful tune by Jason Aldean...

I WAAAAS going to post a video of Darius Rucker but apparently, HIIIIIIS You-Tube videos are 'embedding enabled by the request of the what/whomever'. So, Darius you screwed yourself out of some PR blog publicity. Farmer*sWife don't like the 'embedding enabled' peeps.

So, dear Jason, TAKE IT AWAY!!! :-D

"If you ever loved me, please have some mercy on me..." At least enough to get me through to Friday at 5:pm. :-D


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