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Friday, March 19, 2010

What? I haven't posted in two days?

The children are currently playing with the balloons (now lacking helium) that they got for FREE I hate free helium balloons from the grocery store.

I'm anxiously awaiting them to be popped, because we all know it is coming.  If not by themselves, then possibly by some random accident. >;-P   He he!

I've spent the day waiting (along with naggity-nag children) for P.J. and her kids to make it out since they are in town.  Her schedule runs tight when she comes down this way to visit her Mom, though.

And, her youngin's are slightly ill so we are going to have to wait until Sunday.  Es no bueno. Yo soy muchos dissapointed, porque es will be muy bueno come domingo...  ;-)

So, my plans have changed about three times today BUT, as always with me, this day was set and saved to be a wait and see and be ready for anything kind of day.  [See spontaneity via me, just, a little scheduling to be UN-scheduled is all it takes. :-)  ]

TODAY is ALSO my Sweet D and Uncle J's wedding anniversary!  Sweeeeeeeet!

TODAY is ALSO my fabo MIL's birthday!!  YAY!

It's lent so no meat today but we are going to have some YUM-yum fried shrimp and fish!!

And, it is the final weekday of our Spring Break.  [Though the weather isn't very springie today, Pblft.]

At midnight tonight?  New Moon will be available for purchase.  I'm not a junkie/groupie/cougar-vamp-Mom who has to stand in line for hours just to be sure to be one of the first to have a copy of the New Moon DVD.

Seein' as I'm patient and all, and have waited for the DVD to come available for purchase, I'll probably saunter down to the video store or the closest Super Wal-Mart sometime this weekend first thing tomorrow and as soon as I'm out of bed, dressed and have children in approvable clothing to purchase myself a copy to watch immediately at any given time or whim.

Yeah, so my Saturday is apparently open obviously full of all things Twilight and New Moon.  The weather, I'm hoping will be improved from the forecast because it will also be my baby-SIL's birthday AND my favorite and one and only niece's birthday -- with party to boot!

So, that's what has been happening around here.  Oh, why haven't I posted in two days?  Clueless.  Really....

:-)  Happy FWFD of the weeeeeeeek!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We have extended family birthdays up the ying-yang this week (including a new baby to be born tomorrow!!) but I am so very behind doing all of the stuff that is happening right now in my local life (also in my loco life).
I have posts up because I pre-scheduled them. Getting around for visits is a whole 'nuther story!