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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DOG VLOG! Y'all luv'em! :-D

Can't go wrong with pets or kids in a video. They are perfection for acting. :-) So, without further ado, here is another dog vlog. If you remember back to one of the first couple, you shall clearly see that Brandi has put on a teeeeeeeensie bit of weight over the winter (d@mned those holiday scraps). By teeeeeeensie, I mean about 60 pounds. She was 103, a low for her breed, when we adopted her.

Ahem. She now weighs in at a voluptuous, well rounded, 162. Confirmed today (without her resting against the wall or using her paws to lessen the number on the scale). Two pills a month for preventive. And, 30 pounds to pine away this spring.

No, she did not starve Dulce as Dulce put on a few pounds herself over the winter. Almost ten pounds since her visit last year. But, she don't show an ounce. She's active and maybe just grew a bit? Do dogs still grow at 41/2 years? Anyhow, Dulce didn't starve but I told Farmer, Jr. to lessen the dog food and I'm lessenin' the scraps...

Don't you just wanna' luv'em, hug'em up??? :-D



Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Yeah, just caught the butt sniff greeting by Dulce... LOL! But, she gave her Brandi kisses at the end. :-)

Melissa said...

You don't realize how HUGE Brandi is until Lil Gal is sitting on her! She weighs almost as much as my husband!!

Melissa said...

Oops - Brandy (with a Y not an I)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm back and forth. I typically spell it Brand"i" but every one else seems to spell it Brand"y".

So, I did it too. But, I think I like the "i" better than the "y".

Melissa said...

I thought I had read in another post "Brandi," and then I thought I must be going crazy! LOL!