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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday's checklist:

Brandy to the vet for blood work = check! [She's on a diet; 162 pounds is a little hefty... ahem]
Chicken boiled = check!
Beans cooked = check!
King Ranch Chicken Casserole for school tomorrow = check!
Kitchen cleaned and dishwasher running = check!
Notary jobs scheduled = check!
Notary job from yesterday billed = check!
Said job mailed = non-check
Master bedroom sheets washed and bed made up fresh = almost check!

Tickets for school fund-raiser type set = um, not yet
Tickets printed = um, not yet
Writing Assign. #4 finished = um.... no?
Writing Assign. #4 even drafted = um.... [head hung low] *sigh*
2 miles on treadmill today = next in line?
Tonight's dinner planned = under consideration (chili or meat loaf....)

That is my Wednesday in a nut shell with exception for the after school agenda with children, homework, and the like. :-)

Happy Hump-Day!  Counting down to Friday.  Date with my Twilight Mom's and Edward and Bella and Jacob x2 DVDs!



Anonymous said...

Go with the chili. It's rainy up here, and that sounds amazing for a day like today. Hmm. Mental note . . . I should learn to make chili!!


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I am relieved you have not checked everything off your list yet?
I am overwhelmed with the list hanging over my head...
Spring break next week here!