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Thursday, March 4, 2010

For your Thursday's Pleasure :-)

Okay, I'm actually writing this post Wednesday afternoon, just home from picking up the kids from school.  I kicked them out so I could finish Bisseling the floors (mmmm, pinesol).  But, still stuck on the 80s x-m radio channel I heard this on the way home and thought it would be a great Thursday tune. ;-)

Today [Thursday] I am baking home-made pizza pockets for lunch for about 20 of the kids up at the school.  My kids love these and having cooked the meat and grated the cheese in advance, it should prove to be a pretty simple task.  All I have to do is roll out the 20 pizza doughs for the pockets, assemble and bake.

They kids up there love me when I cook yummies! [Stroking my own ego, LOL!]  One of the boys in Lil'Gal's class has told me (and his Mom, apparently too, LOL) that "I am the best cook he's ever known!"

Heart touching!  I love to walk around and check on the little ones and the big ones too to see who is too distracted to consume their meal.  There is one Pre-K boy that no matter what I do, make or even if he brings his own lunch, he'll take two bites.  Wrap his arms around his tummy and say, "I'm fooowl."

I don't know how that little guy grows....  Then there are the others who are happy to have seconds and sometimes beg for thirds.  Heart warming.  I have found that I am becoming one of those of those Mom's/Friends who are like, "You need something in your stomach.  Let me feed you/send home leftovers." LOL!

Anyhow, enjoy the music video in my absence!  I'll be back!

Happy Thursday [just hours until FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeek!  Oh, and I have a song for this too!]



Anonymous said...

Wish I were the recipient of your feedings and leftovers sending! I love having people like that in my life, and even though I'm 25 and old enough to fend for myself, I never turn down food. :)

You're too cute!


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . thought I commented, but it didn't show up . . . ??

Anyway, in case it never does, it said something to the effect of me wishing I got to benefit from your food sending home! Even though I'm 25 and old enough to cook for myself and take care of myself, I would never turn down food. :)

And by the way, you're so cute!


Anonymous said...

Of course, now it shows up. haha. Well, sorry for the double comment. :)


Melissa said...

You're doing SUCH a good thing, Gal!

PS - My friends and I made up a dance routine to that song when we were younger. Brings back memories!