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Thursday, March 4, 2010

FINALLY! The Lost Tooth!

Remember This Post where Lil'Gal and I made her tooth fairy pillow as she finally, was lucky enough to have a loose tooth?

Well two weeks and five days later, TA-DA!!  It took awhile, and the yesterday I was sure she'd lose it.  Then this morning I just knew she'd lose it at school.  When I picked them up it was hanging on by a thread.

We get home and with a simple little tug, out it came.  I had to or else she'd have choked on it in her sleep.  Or, swallowed it with her dinner.  It practically fell out on my hand.  She was....

EEEEEELATED!  Thrilled!  Super-Duper excited!  Run, run to the mirror to see the gap!  And, what a wonderfully beautiful little gap it is. ;-)

Immediately following, she raced to her room to pull out her Tooth Fairy pillow and placed it directly under her pillow.  Then, she wrote the Tooth Fairy a note about what all she wants.  [Um, I don't think all that comes with the loss of the first tooth....] LOL!  The Tooth Fairy doesn't always keep said item in stock...

I was instructed to re-take the previous shot in order to show the gap in the smile! ;-)

When it comes down to it, it really is the little things.....  Happy Thursday! [You know the rest!]



Kristi Faith said...

LOL I love their excitement over that gap. My little one lost her two tops at the same time and we didn't think she'd ever fill in the gap. She didn't care though, it was testament to becoming a grown up for her. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. This is a much happier story than the last! That pillow looks like fun! What a fun mom you are. :)