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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It never hit me before....

Can you believe THIS GUY,

plays the role of THIS GUY?

It hit me when I saw him in an interview recently.  Well, before New Moon was actually released on DVD.  I know.  I should have recognized him but seeing him one way left me not even considering him in the other.  Though, I knew I recognized the guy who played Carlisle from "Twilight".  Just didn't pay it enough attention to investigate, I guess.

Personally, I find him more attractive and less silly while in character as Carlisle (love that name, BTW).

He plays another doctor on that 'Showtime' show.... oh, what's it called.....  Whatever.  Either way.  You know what I mean.  Oh, in the interview, he does totally pimp we Twilight Moms!  Apparently, there are some out there that actually send the cast members cookies and stuff?

We can do that???

I figured that'd cross the line from fan to stalker.  Then again, edible fan mail can't be a bad thing.  ;-D

Anyhow.  That's what I got today.  On Sunday.  After a great weekend with my Twilight Mom's on Friday and John Deere Dude and his wife the Dudette last night.

Oh, and the kids have their school party Thursday, get out early and are off Good Friday and Easter Monday.  I believe the assignments and tests are minimal this week as well.  So, it looks like FW is starting off this week on a HAPPY-GO-HIGH note! :-D


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Melissa said...

You know who he's married to, right?