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Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Birthday....

Psst, something you probably didn't know.  Sweet D's birthday is the day after Lil' Gal's.  I remember when Sweet D came up to the hospital; somehow she has misunderstood.
So, Lil'Gal was sitting in the little bed they bring to the room when they move you from delivery to your own room.  [This delivery was soooooooooo more 'normal' and stress free than Farmer, Jr.  He and I went through H-E-double L together during his birth.]  
Anyhow, Sweet D asks,  "So when do you think you'll have her?"
Me, "She's right here!"  :-)  
Sweet D was a little un-thrilled that I didn't call her at middle-of-the-night thirty when I went in to the hospital in labor.  But, I was more concerned about how quickly I was progressing and that window that can suddenly close unexpectedly for the epidural.  ;-)
Anyhow, a few more hours later and Lil'Gal and Sweet D would have the same birthday! 
So, pop over and wish her Happy Birthday!  She hasn't blogged in quite awhile.  But, she's also been out of town for weeks at a time here and there and back again.
Show her some love!  She's my Sweet D!  


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