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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Psssst? Yeah, You!

Howdy All,
There's a new little button up for the next couple of weeks up there under my Followers.  Delaney is celebrating her Blog-O-Versary with a month's worth of giveaways.
Daily she posts a new sponsored giveaway and they stay open approx. a week, give or take a few days.  So click the fuzzy bear button daily and enter for freebies!!!  If I can win, so can YOU!
I've already won (see previous post) and I'm hoping to win the ad space for Root & Sprout because they ladies sponsoring the ad space have great traffic!
Anyhoodle, today is Lil' Gal's official 'sixth birthday.'  Mom and the Teenager are supposed to come out and visit for the afternoon.  We got some rain and the temps are cooled from 90+ with heat indexes in the triple digits to 70-80s.  Hubby is happy.  Personally, I like the sauna!
In true party fashion, I thought we could all sing, dance and share in the festivities.  
Adorable, yes? Except my Lil'Gal won't be getting married at 21. Oh, I so hope she waits just a leeeeetle bit longer! Happy Sunday!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to Lil Gal!

Kelly said...

Just happened upon your blog, which is funny because I my post today was titled "Half-full". Love your positive energy! Kelly