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Monday, May 11, 2009

Win from Glade's New Frangrance Line!

Remember, I told y'all about the review I was lucky enough to 'land' and write for Root & Sprout? Well, guess what? We are giving away a soy candle and a diffuser over there!!! MMM-Hmmmmm! I have to say that the Glade Frangrance line is fanciful and delighting to the senses; especially, the the nose! So, you will most certainly want to click the title to this post and share about what your favorite scent is and what memories it evokes! That's it! And, you could win a fabo-scent-sational new product by Glade!!! Also, don't forget about my Maddie Moonbeam's Garden Giveaway -- this is a really special book! ;-) Click the link to enter and you can earn lots of entries! Remember this book isn't just for your own children, but a great gift for a niece, nephew, or other child you might know! WINNER OF THE DOUBLE-it-Up GIVEAWAY!!! [Drummmmroooooolllllllllll] 1st Prize: For Dry Idea deodorant, is Gary!!!! 2nd Prize: For the Mary Kay Cellulite Day/Night cream(s): Pro-Homemaker!!! BTW, Pro-Homemaker, Thanks for sharing your story about your Mom and Mother's Day! I'm super-duper glad she loved the 50's throwback Barbie remake for her collection!!!! Tickles my heart! So, it IS Monday which means I'll be posting another giveaway. To keep them going and over-lapping! But, first I might have to ramble and update you about my wonderfully, hectic life!!!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yeah!!! I'm on a winning streak! :-) More later (gotta finish working) but just wanted to say thank you!

g-man said...

Congrats to the winners!

Ramble away!

Anonymous said...

I missed Harry's story, but I'm glad to know Barbie had a wonderful new home.
And I'm trying to find the words to tease Gary about deodorant, but nothing is coming to mind...

You are so sweet to have giveaways!