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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Body Belongs To Me - giveaway post

My Body Belongs To Me - giveaway post If you have small children -- this is a book you would definitely be interested in.  So, click to check out my review published at Root & Sprout and enter to win a copy!
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I'm going to post Maddie's Moonbeams giveaway as soon as possible.  I know I said I'd do it yesterday but yesterday was a blurrrrrrrrrrr.  I'm in 50 directions and will be at the school all day again today doing a presentation with WonderMom to the older classes!
Whew!  Teachers day out so we are staying all day!  The laundry has turned into the 'blob' and I think it wants to engulf and consume me!
I know I haven't been around to read everyone!  I'm super sorry!  Don't give up on me!  :-)
Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!  Tantalizing....that's a good word.  :-D


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