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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winner! Maddie Moonbeam's Garden!

The winner is in!
I first want to say, "Thank You" to all the entrants.  I saw a lot of new faces commenting which is wonderful in itself.  And, in addition to visiting the book's website, several of y'all visited Root & Sprout as well.  I really appreciate that too!
FYI, I've checked out which is a venue a lot of bloggers are using these days for their drawings.  But, I haven't taken time enough to figure out just how it works and how to incorporate the extra entries.  So, for now, I'll continue to do it the old fashioned way with strips of paper and a drawing. :-D
Since, Lil Gal and Farmer, Jr. are at school and I'm already about 12 hours late posting the winner, I'll do the drawing myself.  And, I don't want to hold y'all up another hour waiting for a vlog to upload so -- 
Shake.......Shake........Shake........Shake....... [sound of lid opening to my Ziplock 32 oz container]
Shwwwooopk......Shwwwooopk.....[sound of my hand mixing the entries more before drawing]...Shwwwoopk.......
And, the winner is?  [crackle of unfolding paper]  Jill!!
I've emailed Jill for her address to send the book out to.  
Oh, don't forget about my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Giveaway which ends this Friday at midnight!!  I used one all morning cleaning every baseboard scuff, doors and the like!  Use it just like an eraser!  It really works!!!



Jill said...

WooHoo! My daughter's will be excited when this arrives!!

Thanks so much for a Great Giveaway :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you're like SANTA FW!
I see you have 53 followers now, but I knew you BEFORE you were famous like now :)
Mmm, any sign of an elderly mule delivering your cow mug? Cost a ton just to send it parcel post (thanks postal service...)

kayla said...

Hope you are doing well. Those mr clean magic erasers are awesome the took permanent marker off my walls from my kids lol.