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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Snooz-day Tuesday

Prepared to be bored ----- Feeling good but also guilty. *sigh* I came home from running errands -- well, shipping out GiveAways, Root & Sprout winner items and some notary jobs I've done this week. At least I know a few bucks are on their way to my mailbox. I feel asleep on the couch... Yeppers. Bleeep! And, during my one favorite 30 minute soaps that I haven't seen in over a week. Daddy called while I was lying there but it was the kind of unexpected sleep that leaves you so grogily drunk that your legs are jello and you can't wake your body up. Suddenly, I jumped up in a panic -- an hour later! But, I threw on my shoes, slammed a piece of cheese and turkey meat down my throat to head out to pick up the kids. But, then I realized I had an hour before I had to leave. I feel like I wasted quality 'children aren't at home' work time. I need to find some new venues to write for to earn some extra $$ -- I need to help my Mom out more. Bless her heart, she lives off of "nothing" due to her disability. But, I don't believe in taking from what we have built or making it my husband's worry; though, he helps a lot. We live in a castle, after all. But, it's been a dream he and I have worked hard for and saved for forever. He's been working on the farm during the summers since he was 14. He put most of that money in savings for 'one day.' And, that 'one day' savings is a large part of what we put into the house to build our castle.... Anyhow, I pay my Mom's cell phone from notary jobs and sometimes my Root & Sprout money. I'm always so afraid that if I don't cover that and she has an overdrawn month she wouldn't tell me. So, I pay it to ensure she always has a phone available and so that I can always be in contact and keep in touch (she lives about 45 minutes away). I am so committed to the Root & Sprout publication and project. It is growing and as changes become required they only improve the site and publication. Currently, the stat bar is available to readers and prospective advertisers/sponsors so anyone can see at anytime how many are viewing the site, a page and what the ranks and stats are. Root & Sprout is going to make it. One day we will be on the Today Show, or Oprah. :-D Like I tell Lis, "I'm enjoying riding the start dust to your dream." Saturday is Lil' Gal's birthday party. It's a bowling party so I haven't had to be crafty and creative. Though, I will be making her cake. Similar to the bowling alley cake I made for Farmer, Jr. in January. Only she wants a purple bowling ball and a big pink flower somewhere; possibly even on the bowling ball according to her. And, obviously the cake will be all dolled up with color. ;-) I going to post my next GiveAway, I just am trying to decide what I want to post next. I have several items in mind but, I'm thinking something more interesting. I have more cleaning products. Are y'all tired of those yet? [You know I always stock up. I'm a cleaning freak-a-holic and I'm also a coupon-a-holic. It's like gambling at the grocery store for me!] Well, we are at gymnastics today so I better take advantage of this time to finish reviewing my HARO replies and get my two articles lined out. The third one is crafty and my book reviews don't need to be done until the end of the month. Clickty-clickin May Away! Two more super full weeks at the school and then it's SUMMMEEEEER TIIIIIIIIMMMMME! Hip-Hop- Happy Tuesday!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Not bored at all! You were my "lunch buddy" (what I read when I finally sit down to eat *something* during the workday).

I did chuckle when you were an hour early to go pick up the kids.

Very sweet what you said about your Mom. Wish I could think of some suggestions.

And my last chuckle? When you said coupon shopping was like gambling at the store. Too true. And speaking of which, I *finally* got my coupons cut out at 2 a.m. last night, so ready for a small food shop at the store. (I'm scaling way back in grocery shopping this month to divert those funds to pay off the 3-night cruise we head out on on Friday. So the deals had to be mega good for me to buy).

OK, break time is over. I'll get another blog up later this evening, but I do have a slew of great samples and a couple free products that I posted last night.

Sending you a big smile from California. :-)

Jay said...

"I have several items in mind but, I'm thinking something more interesting."Flat screen TVs and laptops are always popular giveaway items. LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, FW, don't feel guilty about that nap. Clearly, your body needed the sleep!
If you still want to feel guilty, then consider my Tuesday: awake until after midnight on Monday night, up before 5am Tuesday, got SuperDad out the door, stumbled back to bed, not sure if I was awake when SnakeMaster went out the door to catch his bus (he's so responsible and independent! But on days like this, he's gotta be!), awake for the last 5 minutes of my older 3 boys getting out the door an hour later... made one sandwich but the rest of their lunches were mostly made the night before and they helped complete the job. Then I --yes, again!!-- stumbled back upstairs to my comfy bed... dreamed away until after 1pm!!!

Like I said, when your body needs the sleep, it's gonna take it by force!
You are a huge blessing to your mom. I wish I had some suggestions for you...
Grocery store gambling cracked me up. ;)

Lis Garrett said...

When Root & Sprout makes it big (and I know BIG things are in store for us), you'll benefit as well. :-)

We all just have to hang in there a little. Truly though, you're the person who keeps me going. Whenever I get to feeling frustrated or I think I can't do it anymore, you're always there with words of encouragement.

Thank you!!