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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Savings, WINNER, internet down???

Quick note!  Power's been down.  Well not my power, but Mom & Dad-IL's power and the office.  Which means no internet.  Luckily we had power and cable/cartoons for the kiddos.  
Little Story About Today:  After the b-day party Hubby runs me by the "James Avery" store since we are in 'town' so I can pick up Mom's b-day gift for Lil'Gal and a b-day gift for Sweet D.  (Sweet D's birthday is the day after Lil Gal's).
The lady rings me up and it is obvious that she only charged me for one charm.  I think and wait for the receipt.  Maybe she said the wrong amount...maybe I could get out with two for the price of one.  She hands me the receipt.  Nope.  FW ain't no cheat.  It comes back around one way or the other and I want the full glass, not an empty or cracked one. :-D
So, I mention to her "Is that for TWO charms?"  She flickers in her face and a moment of panic over what almost happened.  She figures out the fault and apologizes and it has to be two transactions.  Me, "No biggie.  BTW, if it were my Hubby?  He'd a walked out without saying anything."  She replies, "Mine too."
I converse with myself on the way out about whether or not I'll tell the Hubster.  I agree with myself and do share.  Of course, he's slightly disgruntled with my complete honesty.  I remind him it comes back one way or the other.  I'd rather be on the winning side than the 'bite me in the asset' side.
Fast Forward:  Power has been out.  I'm entered to win stuff at multiple awesome Mom blogs.  I'm entered at Delaney's World for several things as she's having a month long (I believe) of sponsored GIVEAWAYS!!!!  Yeppers!  So go play!
Anyhow, I won this:
It's a Southern Living (yes, like the magazine) Arrange it Easy Vase!  May not look too special to you, but I sold Southern Living @ Home for a couple of years -- enough to earn and purchase a bunch of stuff for our new house we were going to/did build one day/now! :-)
This baby is one I always wanted but it never worked out where I could catch it at a steal-deal.
So see?  My honesty paid off and within less than 12 hours!  Can't wait to tell the Hubster those results!  Remember, my motto(s)....
Happy Hip-Hop-Happenin' Super Six on a Saturday, Saturday!!!!
And, as I am true to my is another link to print some fabulous coupons.  Not the nickel and quarter one's either.  We are talking about $1.00 at minimum on savings. :-)
You can't always print twice from a particular website.  But, peeps find other places that offer the same coupons and ya' can print them more than once doing it that way.  I've got my velveeta stocked for a few months now!!!
click here to enjoy these great savings[AGAIN] along with me!!!
Happy Super Saturday!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is a terrific flower vase AND it matches your kitchen!
I agree with you: honesty is best.

A belated happy birthday to your Lil'Gal! :)