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Friday, May 1, 2009


Hi Y'all!
Guess what?!  Gary is having a JokeFest at his place again! He did this once awhile back and received over 100 comments and funny, Laugh Out Loud jokes that were also fairly clean for family PG viewing! He wants everyone to contribute! We need some new faces from new places with new jokes to share! So Pop on Over HERE to participate! FYI, Gary is my Pottery Pal! He makes awesome stuff with cute little critters; and yes, he takes requests. Currently, I have one in for a Texas Sized coffee mug painted like a dairy cow (white with black spots, and pink on the inside) that will actually stand on it's pink udders! Adorable, huh? I'll share pics when he gets his work up!!! He's offering a PRIZE!!!!! See that cute, dark blue mug on the right? Yep, you could be drinkin' your coffee out of that! I have a couple of Gary's Mugs and they keep my coffee nice and hot until the last drop. Not to mention they are all one of a kind, hand-made, mugs. So, pop on over to Gary's Joke-a-Thon, and share some laughter with us all! Happy FWFD! I'm at warp speed to clean the house and prepare for our big shin'dig tonight -- more on that in a post later! Don't forget Free Ice Cream ends tonight at midnight! If you aren't entered or haven't entered for extra entries, click that link and participate! OOOH! OOOH! And, don't forget! the May Issue @ Root & Sprout is out today! It's going to a daily publication but there are lots of great stuff published today (titling with My ARTICLE) so Go Read Please!!!!!!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Yay FW thanks!
As far as your cow mug idea, I am workin' on sumpin'...... :)

Betty said...

I loved the pencil he made. That I won from your blog. it's adorable!