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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We adopted! Meet & Greet!

SO!  I so want to post pics about the unexpected storm that hit yesterday.  Ugh!  Wind, rain, it blew in like an unexpected snot sneeze imbeded with dirt and dust -- while I was folding and hanging laundry on the back porch, enjoying the fantastical peace of a non-dust ball windy day.
But, I'll save those pics for later.
Guess what!!??  We've expanded the family!  
The kids have wanted an 'indoor' pet that they could hold in their laps, one they can sit with and pet on their beds, etc.  And, we have [Hubby enforces] a no indoor pet rule.  Well, that means no kitties no pups or anything that can scratch stuff, poop on stuff, chew stuff and needs to roam freely dusting our house with dander.
This may sound stern; but with Hubby and Farmer, Jr's allergies it does fit us.  And, I do agree about lotsa' fur and dander lather around the house -- cuz I have a hard enough time keeping the dirt and dust out of here.
But, I've been discussing with Hubby for awhile that the kids need a pet they can -- well, pet.  "They have the dogs!"  He would always exclaim.  To which I reply, "Yes, Honey...but they can't get in the pen with the dogs unless I or You are there..."  Dulce is fun and full of energy and Blue (the Watchdog Weimer weighin' around 115 now) is too big.  He'd knock'em down just trying to love on them.  Should he get cranky?"
And, I've enlightened DH about winter time.  When, the dogs don't want to come out from the heat lamp and we can't tolerate the cold... [Northern'ers and New Yorker's who find 60 degrees and sunny like summer; we are well adjusted to our 103 degree summers with a heat index at about 120] :-DDD
So, here he is!!!!!  Mr. Cuddles!!!!
This is him two baths later and a full-out fur trim.  Whala!  He's a brand new Little Guy!  [And, better smellin' too! LOL!]
Look at that face, that Happy-I'm a proud pet-parent, face??? 
And this one?  Okay, the flash hit him unexpectedly and his eyes flinched but I couldn't leave the 1-on-1 out.... I don't want to hear the word, "rodent." Sweet D and I already had this conversation. :-) A pet is a pet is a pet. And, adopting a pet is better than buying a full-bread from the pet store? Am, I right? And, Cuddles is the sweetest little guy... See, originally I thought "I want my kids to get to raise their pet from a 'pup' and they can get to know each other." Sure, we could adopt Mr. Cuddles but what if he wasn't social? What if Yada-yada, what if???" What if?.... Look at them happy and sharing and loving together... And, lucky Mr. Cuddles! [He was fed a whole carrot, half by one, the other half by the second. "Sweet heaven," I think is what he gurgled. :-D Know what? By adopting Mr. Cuddles, he's happy, his previous family is happy knowing he's getting more 3-4 on 1 attention, and the kids and we are happy to have a pet we all agree on for an in-house pet. This is big for the Hubster. [Don't tell, but I heard him say as he entered the utility room, "Hey there Little Guy!" Apparently, he startled him. DH spoke sweet pet-talk to the 'rodent.']
Please don't call HIM a rodent. Thank you, ;-)  I'm just interpreting the "pre-he's-our-pet' term. 
 Mr. Cuddles, is now family.  He's loving us and we are loving him just the same.  Oh, and he shares my love of salad!  
And, when it comes down to it? You can't argue away this bliss, Hubby agrees. Mr. Cuddles is officially, "Family." :-D



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh too cute! But 120 heat index -- *that* I gasped at. :-)

Lis Garrett said...

I second Prohomemaker - you can keep your 120 heat index! Seventy-five is darn near perfect here, although we have hit in the 100's before. When that happens, we're like melted Jello on the floor!

I had hamsters from the age of 4 until I was well into my teens. I also had two bunnies, who were more like dogs than rabbits! My kids would LOVE to have a guinea pig, but I don't think our three cats would appreciate it. Or maybe they would, if you catch my drift. ;-)

So cute!

Debbie Yost said...

120 heat index is high although it still gets pretty hot here in KS, but 60 is practically a heat wave! At least when it comes at the end of a cold winter.

Your new addition is a cute little guy. Congrats!

Krishna said...

OMG, I can't believe it! He is cute but.....the kids look so happy and I can only imagine your DH talking nice to it. LOL I guess you will be writing something bout the importance of pets and kids soon.

kcinnova said...

O Happy Day!!

I kind of feel that way about the lizard gecko that SnakeMaster adopted. (He's cute, really!!)
And SuperDad is just like your Hubby, making noises about the pet (in our case, the cat) but loving it nonetheless.

I'm trying to imagine an El Paso dust storm with rain. UGH.

Farmer*swife said...

Okay! So I exaggerated a little. Today's heat index is expected to be around 105! But, we are just barely getting into our summer.

Next month will be up to triple digit temps almost everyday! And, the heat index doubles along with it due to the humidity.


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Wonder why people love California -- a very pleasant 72 here today in San Diego County and sunny skies. :-) Everyone can throw rocks now. :-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

all the pics are good, but that last one???
!!!! i love the guinea pig too!

Tamra said...

Mr. Cuddles is too cute!

shelley said...

hi there,
ok, all signed in... i took your button and put it on my "confessions of the playground princess blog." now onto you.. lol so martha stewart lova over here! i have loved the woman since she began! i have alll of her cookbooks and gardening books, even met her several times, diva true but what a great woman! lol anyhow, where do you live that it get so darn hot? we are outside of dc and the humidity is pretty gross sometimes and lately it has been raining so much i think perhaps we should build an arc! your pictures are so cute and congrats (maybe lol) on the lil hampster guy! your kids seem to be very happy with him. :)

Tink said...

Aw! He's like a living teddy bear. Too cool. :)