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Monday, May 25, 2009

Books, projects and I BROKE MYSELF - -Oh MY!

GASP! Great day today, but fully booked. Felt like Friday all day (I know, on a Monday -- no Bueno) but then I kept panicking that it was Tuesday and that we had gymnastics this afternoon! Meanwhile, back at the Root & Sprout, I've still got one article due by Friday (it's a fun one though) and two book reviews! Get on it, ALREADY, FW!! Over booked with books? Tomorrow I'll be shopping for the stuff with Wonder-Mom for the end of school party prizes and snacks to go with lunch and then I'll be helping make chicken salad for the chicken salad sandwiches for lunch on Wednesday (we have lots of chicken left from the chicken barb-b-que so we are having to be creative with it). Wednesday is lunch (serving), awards mid day and the Kindergarten graduation for Lil'Gal. Farmer, Jr. is going to start up a 'trial' class of Karate this Thursday evening, so my "YAY! School's out party!!" will be delayed a few hours (hmmm, wonder if they provide open wireless -- probably not.) And, I BROKE MYSELF!! Yepper! All that great jump-roping I did? Yeah, I was feeling pretty good about myself all happy and physically fit. Saturday, whoop! I feel awesome. Yesterday? I almost fell out of bed trying to get up because my thighs locked! Today? Even worse! Ever try to climb up in an SUV with locked thigh muscles? My legs mine as well as been very unpliable and brittle wood. Sheeze! No Frio Frijoles!!!! (translation: Not cool beans.) Seriously, if I have to squat down to sit or pick something up? You will definitely hear me grumble and grunt in a painful stint. Unbelievable! I use those muscles. I mean, I'm a bouncy Gal! I'm always bouncin' around the house, the play ground, my life! --- --- BOUNCY- -- -- BOUNCY- BOUNCE! (I don't know how to do that creative punctiational curvy thingie so just go with me.) Regardless, those bouncy muscles don't work so well when used as jumping muscles. BIG DIFFERENCE. I'm going to have to work on that, I guess. Riiiigggggghhhhhhht after I get back from VACATION!!! Frio, Floaties and cervesas!!!! Later Gators! After Awhile Crocodiles! I'm going to Make Like a Tree and Leaf!! *giggle* That's my update -- unless I make it back here this PM which is the plan. But, we know that on occasion I crash and burn in the first bed I fall into -- while tucking in the youngins. Poo-Ville! I'll be back to do the drawing for the winners of the "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers." I've used the tar out of these things since getting them! They rock!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Jay said...

You need a hot tub if you're going to be jumping rope and stuff liek that. Heck, now that I think about it, I need a hot tub too! haha

Have fun floating on the river.

kcinnova said...

Sounds like definite hot tub material to me (or maybe just a really long hot bath).
End of the school year is always crazy time. With kids in 3 different schools (4 different schools last year) it is too complicated to be of much help at any of them. I'm lucky to balance out the end of year events among them all.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Know the pain in th legs all too well. Phew the keep the energy up ... I'm off to work myself -- gotta meet with clients. Worked the *whole* weekend, and now back at it again. Zonk! :-)

Tamra said...

Yesterday I did some hiking and today it was a struggle to light my leg to get into my SUV. I feel your pain. :)

Krishna said...

I know--sucks we are getting older. No matter how crazy this sounds, stretch after those kinda activities. Oh, i love those magic erasers, especially on the cooktop but beware they will slowly, ever so slowly, take tiny tiny layers of paint off the painted surfaces. those are so mildly abrasive.

Dez said...

Aw, my poor baby.... Hope you get to soak in your Sheeba Tub!

Dez said...

Krishna: So glad to know that! I'll be getting a new stove (hopefully real soon); and I won't use them on the new stove! Thanks!

Farmer*swife said...

GASHP! and, CRAP-diddle! I LOVE using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my Range-Top! It's saved me making my home-made burnt-cooked in salve creme.

But, I will admit I'm stainless. So, it works wonders there. I bet I would have enjoyed strippin the paint clean on the old stove though. It was NASTY!

Um and old...and pre-bachelor and, um, yeah.

Crap, child crying 'pretend help'

Happy almost "School's out!"

g-man said...

Maybe you can get Mr. Farmer to give you a rub down?

I guess this just proves that you are not a Tigger, you are obviously bouncy, but not made of springs. :)

Feel better soon!! Yea for school!